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  • Techtra Tronical

    Great interview!!! : D That’s the kind I like! Nice & long & covering a bunch of stuff! : ) Thanks for sharing!

    By the way, speaking of series that are realistic wardrobe-wise, with a Great ensemble cast (and, since we’re on the topic of Enuka Okuma!) I would highly recommend ‘Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye’! : ) Great balance of elements just like in Rookie Blue (drama, humour, suspense, case-work, relationships, romance, etc…)

    Anyway, once again, loved the interview! : ) Enuka’s so fun & thoughtful! Seems like it’d be a Blast to be on the RB set!! : )

    ~ Techtra Tronical [Co-Creator of 'Sue Thomas F.B.Eye Fans' Bullpen' Facebook Group].