What 9,000 TV Channel Logos Looks Like

There are thousands upon thousands of TV channels available to watch worldwide. Unfortunately it’s nearly impossible to fully grasp the absolutely massive number of television channels out there today because we only ever see them on our TV guides or randomly around the internet. For each channel, there’s a logo design that is easily recognizable and often memorable. Here, for your viewing pleasure, are more than 9,000 TV channel logos. Of course, because some channels use identical logos across different stations and countries, some duplication has occurred (so we’re just going to round down to 9,000 even). You can even see a high resolution version of these logos starting here, but be warned: the large versions will take some time to load. So, what do you think? Jump back to the top.

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  • Christian Duncan

    You must be really, really, bored.

    • Brian

      These type of remarks always amuse me, this post is about logos, in fact it states exactly what is in the tin so to speak. So why bother posting at all ? Have you somewhere we can see the really interesting posts you authored ? ;)

      • Dana

        How bored do you have to be to post a comment telling someone else that they must be really bored? And then how bored do you have to be to tell the person who said the original poster is bored that they in fact must be bored?

  • http://www.creativeoverflow.net Jacques van Heerden

    Those are a lot of logos! I would love to see that Image in a downloadable high-res version to have a closer look at all of them.

    • Tanner

      Thanks Jacques, we actually have a higher version of the logos that we might release later if people are still interested!

      • Cher

        Yes please do! I would love to look at them close too. Thanks :)

  • Simen

    We’re interested! A highres version would be great! S

  • John

    Mind Bottle-ing

  • Celeste

    Is it just me or is the CW taking over the world?

  • Molly

    All those channels and I can still never find anything good on TV!

  • http://www.prescient-media.com Steve

    One heck of a collection. Very interested in the larger hi-res version — please post!

    • Tanner


  • http://www.chadbonanno.com Chad

    I would love to see a hi res verison! C

    • Tanner

      Hey Chad, we just uploaded higher resolution channel logos to the site.

  • Tanner

    We’ve uploaded higher resolutions of all the logos, but had to put them onto separate pages so we don’t break the internet! Enjoy: http://cabletv.com/blog/tv-channel-logos-1/

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  • Glen

    I think if it was boredom, he would have them categorized by color, so we can see what color trends are happening in TV logo design.

    • J

      That would look cool, but what to do with the multlcoloured logos? I’m sure the majority of them use more than one colour. :P

  • http://www.zenelements.com Alex

    I count 8,997… interesting to see this as a collection and thank you for the recent high-res upload too!

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  • wiki

    pls what is name of this TV : http://imtp.me/1mqm0000z.p ? tnx a lot for a answer.

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  • r

    boredom or whatever – who cares …great collection! thanks!

  • Pouya Golestaneh

    Maybe this logo collection can help designers get started with ideas. Thank you! Best Regard P.Golestaneh IGDN President

  • Ali Raza

    very nice collection for me…i can get lot of good ideas from this collection

  • http://degentd.szerverland.com degentd

    Thanx for sharing the bigger versions also!

  • andrea

    would be great if you could browse through them by: number country colour cable versus free to air

  • http://thequickbrownfox.fr Ben

    Nice collection Thanks

  • Rafe

    fantastic collection. but so much effort and so little truly great design. Thanks for the post.

    • Walls

      You speak the truth.

  • http://jareklesniewski.com jl

    omg, big list

  • cami

    wow thats huge!! thanks for this post!!

  • Hani

    thanks for the great effort

  • abhishek

    Would love it if it was searchable :)

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  • Nik

    This is great—and I don’t even need a remote control to go through each channel! Genius.

  • http://the-exclamation.com Enrique

    Any idea what percentage of channels this covers? Like, are these ALL the channels in the US or just 90%, etc.

  • http://www.cocoleaf.net Jim Hardington

    That’s very impressive, reminds me of all the startup’s and web 2.0 Logos. How many of those will survive in 5 years from now? would Boxee survive? APPLE.TV? COCOLEAF.NET? HIPMUNC? Don’t think so! content will be available to everybody,everywhere,anytime no need for Tv channel, when content creators can reach targets directly. is GooG gonna dominate this area? I think their trying.

  • aboutrilo

    Australian Free-to-Air stations 7 and 9 stand out here quite a bit. It’s interesting to see how much American tv stations use larger than necessary branding even for their on air broadcast and even how busy the majority of these marks are.

  • Roymond

    Nice collection, but give me PBS and Comedy Central and I’m happy.

    • MR. J.


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  • http://dgun.blogspot.com Dan

    what about historical logos? I know RTL2 has changed it’s logo about 7 times in the last 2 decades.

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  • skrolnik

    Because this is posted to the internet, it is mandatory to point out that yes, this is “over 9000″.

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  • Dr Frankenstein

    I see duplicates. :)

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  • vb

    Hey, great work with this! btw The MTV logo no longer says Music Television.

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  • http://blog.EmptySodaCan.com/ Jeff

    …and yet about 8,980 of them aren’t worth watching. :-/

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  • anardq

    Nice collection… I wonder how long did you take to collect them all and and compile them in such a very well alignment ;)

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  • Matthew

    Cool list. Lot of repetition though as there’s several identical CW network logos and STV was repeated twice. Also what’s with the WWE logo? they aren’t a TV network….yet.

    • Tanner

      Hey Matthew, as stated at the beginning of our post: there is a number of logos that are repeated because the same logo is used throughout different parts of the world. As for the WWE, it is a channel offering, probably not where you are located however. :)

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  • http://www.mikko.gr Mike

    it would be create to a database with all sorts of criteria about each logo/channel, and then selecting custom criteria and see how different logos group, correlate, influence and work together as a single unit or as a whole. The drawback is that you need to have data about each one of the logos: region/country of broadcasting, year in which the logo was deployed, how many years is or was in use, circular, squared, or whatever shape, transparent or stylized and all that kind of stuff. Do you have such details? Then we could do some data mining!

    • Tanner

      We don’t have all the details for these logos. But you have a great idea Mike, maybe we’ll look into gathering all of the official details down the road. Any help on that front would be greatly appreciated, of course. Thank you for the comment!

  • http://www.rogerionunes.net Rogerio Nunes

    Hi, Im brazilian and I see the logo of “Banco do Brasil” (Bank of Brazil) on the list. Obviously, it’s not a TV Channel. Do you have some tip about this? Is it because the bank could have some TV Show?

    • Tanner

      You might be surprised. Even if a channel isn’t available in your area, it’s still a channel somewhere. :)

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  • gates

    Thanks for putting this together,…..but I would really love to see an analysis on logo design rather than a long chart of 1000’s of logos…

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  • http://vimeo.com/yasirzxc yasirzxc

    this made life very simple for few.. if its due to boredom.. may u be bored for the rest eternity :p

  • David

    Ehm… Did I saw in this list the old logo of Sam’s Club? o.o

  • Chandra

    Great collection!.. I would like see in Hi-Res version :-)

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  • http://www.facebook.com/pages/Sportingbetcom/230985290247684 sportingbetpromo

    cabletv.com is awsome !!

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  • geonerstiem


  • Jason

    Loving the info on this website.

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  • Nicky Reus

    Outstanding report, I want to use this in my future newsletter

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  • Logo Designer

    Amazing Collection, Television Channels are going vast day by day. Every day a new channel comes in TV World. Thanks for the great post.

  • Ribin

    Thanx, I would like to see a high res version!

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  • Leonard

    Amazing collection of logos! Do you have mexican logo channels in the list? There are a lot!

    • Tanner

      Thanks Leonard. There are a few Mexican channels in the collection if you look hard enough. :)

  • Adam

    This is amazing. I actually found myself looking through trying to find a double XD.

  • logoonline pros

    wow its just amazing!I am just surpirse to see the huge collection of t.v channel logo here.THUMBS up for this great sharing..
    Company Logo Design

  • justposting

    LOL, great collection.