Will Lauren Conrad and Kristin Cavallari Reunite For New MTV Series?


Lauren Conrad and Kristin Cavallari said goodbye to reality TV years ago after making their exit from MTV’s The Hills, Lauren after season 5 and Kristin after season 6. However, years later, MTV is hoping to unite the former frenemies in a new series.

On Laguna Beach, which aired from 2004-2006, Lauren and Kristin were sworn enemies, both vying for the love of co-star and schoolmate Stephen Colletti. Then, during The Hills, which began directly after, Lauren found a new love interest in Brody Jennner, another man Kristin had dated. These two seemed to have the same taste in men, and as everyone knows, that’s typically a recipe for disaster.

As if that weren’t enough for these two to be on the outs, Kristin was essentially given Lauren’s role on The Hills after she left the show in 2009, which is sure to have added to the tension between them.

Still, years later, they claim to be in a good place.

“We’re always very nice to each other and say hello. There’s no hard feelings!” Kristin told Life & Style in an interview earlier this year, during which she was sporting a dress from Lauren’s clothing line. “We never hated each other the way that it ultimately became.”

Months later, Lauren said that although she and Kristin are on good terms, they aren’t in touch, either. “I haven’t seen her in years, maybe,” she told E! News in June.

While these two may not exactly be BFF at the moment, MTV, the network that has captured several key moments in both of their lives, would love to have them unite and capture the relationship they do have on film.

“Lauren and Kristin being friends again is an event that MTV viewers will want to experience,” an insider tells Radar Online. “MTV has been trying to re-establish those franchises in an interesting way for a while now but just haven’t had a hook.” 

Now that the network has their “hook” of Lauren and Kristin being on good terms, they’d love to develop a show ‘consisting of live recaps and clips, complete with a studio audience,” and feels that “only economics is going to keep a reunion from airing next year.”

But is that really all that is standing between MTV and this reunion?

For years, Lauren has made it very clear that she doesn’t want to air her personal life on TV and since she will soon be tying the knot with William Tell, now seems to be bad timing. Just last year, Lauren sat down with Access Hollywood and told them that she is “not looking to go back” to reality TV. “It always kind of made me uncomfortable and so I was happy to leave,” she said.

As for Kristin, she’s just announced that she is expecting her second child, so the timing for her seems off as well. Plus, the last time she spoke of reality TV, she made it clear that when it comes to her life as a mom, that isn’t something she’s wiling to document. “I want Cam to grow up in the most normal setting possible, and I just don’t think that’s going to happen with cameras,” she told E!

Lauren and Kristin are two of the most popular reality stars of all time and seeing them unite as friends would certainly be appealing to fans, but judging by where their lives are at this point, it doesn’t seem logical to think that they would open to a reality TV return.

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