Will Emma Roberts Return From the Dead on ‘American Horror Story?’

American Horror Story Emma Roberts

“American Horror Story: Coven” fans got a big surprise when the show killed off cast regular Emma Roberts (Madison) so early in the series. Sure, Spalding kept her lying around for his dolly tea parties, but it’s kind of hard to earn a major cast credit if you spend most of the series playing dead. Although I suppose Spalding might argue that point with me. (Ew.)

Well, judging from one of the official photos of the next episode it looks like Madison may not be so dead after all.

One could argue that perhaps the photo shows a flashback to when Madison was alive, but note the scarf around her neck, which would very conveniently hide that whole slashed-throat thing courtesy of Fiona. And just in case you forgot: Misty has the powers of resurrection, as she so aptly demonstrated at the end of last week’s episode by resurrecting Myrtle after their little witch burning bonfire.

So if Myrtle is back from the dead, and possibly Madison, just what will that mean for Fiona? Because unless Madison comes back without her memory, she’s gonna tell everyone what that wicked witch Fiona did. That’s just the kind evidence Myrtle was looking for in the first place to finally settle their longstanding rivalry.

Supreme or not, the odds are stacking up against Fiona getting out of this season without feeling the flames herself. And I don’t think Misty or anyone else’s gonna be terribly motivated to bring her back from the dead. Maybe Cordelia if she channels some new powers since being blinded, but maybe not even her own daughter would want to save Fiona.

And speaking of Cordelia, another official photo from the next episode shows Cordelia with no scars and no blinding as if the acid attack never happened. Flashback, or is someone going to heal her scars? (She might want to call Neve Campbell for a few tips from her and her buddies in “The Craft.”)

What makes this confusing is that if Fiona holds the powers to heal her as the Supreme, she would’ve done it already and wouldn’t be so distressed. So who could heal Cordelia’s blindness? Could that be Misty at work again? I made my case for Nan as the potential upcoming Supreme last week, that Misty is emerging as a big favorite to be the next Supreme judging from fan comments.

Who do you think the upcoming Supreme is now? And do you think Emma Roberts is dead and gone or far from done for the season?


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