Will Charlie Sheen’s Antics Repeat History For “Anger Management”?


Let’s face it, no one is really shocked when Charlie Sheen doesn’t show up for work. However, when Sheen’s antics endanger the profits for everyone involved in his TV show, you get a serious situation. Now, because of his erratic behavior, his show “Anger Management” is in danger of missing crucial deadlines and losing other members of the cast.

Sheen’s latest streak of absences has been especially ill-timed because of a syndication deal the production company and Sheen agreed to at the start of filming. Besides the obvious inherent risks with hiring someone with presumed physcological and addiction issues, they went with an agreement for syndication that could end up making some big bucks.

The method is called 10/90. Ten episodes are tested and if the meet a certain criteria they expand it to 100 episodes which can be later sold through syndication. “Anger Management” is a third of the way there with the remaining episodes expected to be finished by this fall.

Charlie Sheen used to be one of the most popular and highest paid actors in Hollwood. The son of Martin Sheen and brother of Emilio Estevez, he’s starred in movies like “Red Dawn,” “Platoon,” “Wall Street,” “Young Guns,” and “Hot Shots.” “”Anger Management” was his comeback show after being fired from his his TV show, “Two and a Half Men”.

His publicist, Jeff Ballard said, “We did not shoot last week because another member of the cast was sick,” the rep tells The Hollywood Reporter.” “Charlie is always ready, willing and able to shoot “Anger Management” and looks forward to returning on Monday.”

That’s not quite the story coming from castmates.

Sheen’s newest finance, a pornstar named Brett Rossi, is supposedly trying to straighten him out, but his latest meltdown started after meeting her. We’ll see if she can get him back on track and maybe even get him to lay off using Twitter to attack his ex’s, friends, and other Hollywood names. It’ll be interesting if the one who tames this “warlock” is a porn star.

Now that the stories of his latest absences have started to trickle out, Sheen is suddenly back on set. Hopefully he can get to that 100th episode without any more drama.

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