Why You Should Care About NBC’S “Dracula”


When it comes to vampire lore and pop culture, everything has been done to death – pun intended. So why should you care that NBC is premiering yet another vampire-based drama? Because it’s not just any vampire – it’s Dracula. And while you may think you know everything there is to know about vampire lore, you might be surprised at what the new show is missing. Gone are the dingy dungeons and garlic spells and say hello to sexy trysts and a seductive new Vlad. Here are some other things you shouldn’t expect from NBC’s new Friday night romp.

1. Sparkles

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You can thank Twilight for the idea that vampires don’t go into the sun because they glitter. Right. Don’t expect to see any sparkly vampires on Friday night. Instead, you’re getting Dracula, as played by Jonathan Rhys Meyers of The Tudors fame. No, he won’t glitter, but he will give you a “I dare you” stare that’s even better.

2. Coffins

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While you might think of vampires and automatically dream up dank basements with creepy sleeping situations, don’t expect to see coffins here. In fact, according to Variety, one of the executive producers for Dracula also produces Downton Abbey, so expect luxury acommodations with a hint of European flare, despite the fact that the show takes place in the United States.

3. A Lack of Sun Exposure

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The fact that campires can’t go in the sunlight actually isn’t lore or myth, but one of the elements taken from the classic movie Nosferatu. While it does help night-dwelling vampires seem super-creepy, it wouldn’t be much fun if Vlad could only come out at night. This way, he’s able to prey at any time of day. While the show will definitely have some dark undertones, you can expect to see Drac prowling in the sunlight as well as night.

4. Moping Around

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A certain teen boy vampire is known for moping and feeling bad for his lot as a vampire in life. But don’t expect this modern Drac to bemoan the fact that he’s immortal and all powerful. While the show will center around an element of true love and revenge, it appears that our vampire doesn’t much mind his current state. He’ll be happy to ravish women and beat all of his enemies, thank you.

5. A Clear Protagonist

Most vampire movies and shows depict the undead as the clear bad guy – or at least the guy who can’t control himself. But don’t expect to hate Vlad at first sight when you tune into Dracula. With the whole true love aspect and the fact that he’s utterly charming, you might find yourself falling for a total bloodsucker. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

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