Who Shoots Emily on ‘Revenge’? A Breakdown of the Suspects

Revenge Emily Shot

Revenge kicked off its third season with a flash-forward to Emily’s wedding day, and Emily was shot before she fell overboard. Then we were back in the present, with a few unanswered questions. Who shot Emily? Why? Now, with the big wedding almost here, it’s the perfect time to do some speculating.

Emily’s plan has been revealed

As season 2 ended, Emily told Jack the truth, and in the season 3 premiere, he gave her a deadline. With that, Emily set the date for her and Daniel’s wedding—August 8—and then in “Dissolution,” she told Nolan and Jack, the two most important people in her life, her plan. She planned for August 8 to become known as “the day Victoria Grayson goes down for the murder of Emily Thorne.”

Who shoots Emily Thorne?

While Emily is planning to frame Victoria for her murder, that doesn’t mean she’s going to pull the trigger. So who is holding the gun on that boat? E! Online has revealed a list of clues and suspects. The shooter is someone 1) “who has always cared for Emily”; 2) “who seems to have nothing whatsoever to gain from her demise”; 3) “who is most definitely staying a part of the show beyond this season”; 4) “who many of the fans totally root for”; and 5) “whose relationship with Emily will be changed forever.”

The suspects are Nolan, Charlotte, Victoria, David Clarke, Kara Clarke, Daniel, Jack, Declan, Ashley, and Patrick, and at the time I wrote this, Victoria, Kara, and Declan had been crossed out. But how likely are the names still remaining on the list?

Some are pretty easy to cross off, like Victoria, Kara, and Declan were, like Charlotte, David, Ashley, and Patrick, especially with those clues. It doesn’t seem likely they’re suddenly going to bring David back from the dead, so he falls more in the category of “next to be eliminated from the list” rather than “possible shooter.”

Meanwhile, Charlotte has been plotting with Victoria to get Daniel back with Sara and has made it clear she’s not Team Emily, so that alone means she wouldn’t be able to fit the first clue E! Online revealed. The only clue she could really fit would be the last one, and that would only be if she discovered Emily was really her sister. That would change things.

Ashley is another clear elimination, and that’s only going off of how she left the Hamptons. Plus, she’s not even on the show anymore, and considering she was trying to blackmail her, it’s more likely she’d have something to gain from her death than not, taking her out of the running based off the second clue alone.

Like the other suspects I’ve eliminated, Patrick doesn’t fit the clues. He hasn’t always cared for Emily and has chosen to try to stay away from the family drama and it’s hard to imagine how his relationship with her would be changed forever.

Now, let’s move on to the three people I haven’t eliminated from the running: Nolan, Daniel, and Jack. It wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to imagine Nolan shooting Emily as part of her plan, but in what we’ve seen of the wedding day, she tells whoever shoots her “I’m sorry.” What would she have to apologize for to Nolan? He seems the least likely of the three.

However, Daniel and Jack would both fit. Daniel could find out that she’s not pregnant (which could explain why she’s shot where she is if it’s not part of her plan) and perhaps even that she’s really Amanda, and she’s apologizing for lying. He wouldn’t have anything to gain from her death, and while he may be pursuing Sara, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t care about her.

But I’m going to make the case that Jack fits the clues better and fits in with what the brief flash forward showed in the premiere. If Jack is the one who shoots her, that would change their relationship forever. Yes, things have been rough between them lately, but with their past, the “always” may fit him better than anyone else on that list. She could be telling him “I’m sorry” for everything that happened because if everything goes according to plan, she’s never going to see him again.

Emily’s plan is to leave with Aiden once she hits the water and never look back, otherwise, her plan wouldn’t work. In order for Victoria to be arrested for her murder, she can never return to the Hamptons, and that would mean never seeing Jack or Nolan again. If that’s her last chance to say “I’m sorry” to Jack after everything he’s been through, wouldn’t she say it? Also, in order for Victoria to be blamed, the shooter would have to be someone who wouldn’t come forward. Victoria and Daniel have had their problems, but would he let his mother go to jail for something he did? Jack would let the Graysons suffer, and a promo teasing what’s to come shows Victoria being arrested.

What comes next?

What’s going to happen after Emily falls in the water? Since the show isn’t suddenly going to be down to just Emily and Aiden, there has to be a reason why Emily reveals she’s not dead. The episode description from ABC for “Exodus,” the wedding episode, reads as follows: “The wedding of the century has finally arrived and Emily’s master plan is poised to go off without a hitch until enemies unite, bringing new complications and leading to dire consequences.” Are those “dire consequences” perhaps why things don’t go according to plan for Emily?

Readers, I now turn it over to you. Who do you think shoots Emily at the big Revenge wedding? What do you think will happen after it?

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