What the hell is wrong with TVs?

We love TV. In America alone, more than 60% of households who own a TV have at least three in the home. Of the US households that have a broadband internet connection, only 6% don’t pay for television service. So 94% of us are still tuning-in to standard TV when we’re not browsing around YouTube or Vimeo or Facebook. And yet, for all of the love we have towards television, we still find ourselves either complaining about it or eagerly awaiting to see what will come next. Right now there’s an in-depth discussion over on The Verge website about what’s wrong with the TV remotes of today, and if you search the news from over the last few days you’ll see a huge number of articles about a mythical Apple TV set that could “change everything.” As the Consumer Electronics Show carries on, the general consensus is that new TVs suck as bad as the old ones. With all of the discussion and hype surrounding television technology, we have to ask: what the hell is wrong with TVs of today? We love television, we spend countless hours every month watching them, and yet many of us can’t get out of thinking “Is this it?” Why is that? Photo by cloudzilla.

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