VIDEO: tvtag Sends Walter White to Space; Here’s What He Saw


tvtag, formerly GetGlue is the place to be while watching TV. The company fuses social networking with live television viewing. The people over at tvtag love TV and love bringing water cooler chat to the second screen even more. A while back tvtag asked their users what tv character they would like to see launched into space and Walter White came out on top.

When asked about the project, Marketing Director Johnny Galbraith says, “We’re as crazy about TV as our awesome tvtag users, so we wanted to give one of our favorite TV characters a flight to space. We let our fans vote between Walter White (Breaking Bad), Daryl Dixon (The Walking Dead), and Daenerys Targaryan (Game of Thrones), and Walter White barely eked out the victory.

After making preparations for his voyage journey, we set off for the Utah desert and launched him skyward with a weather balloon, GPS-tracking device, and two GoPro cameras. He ended up traveling way farther than we expected, so we recovered a disembodied Walter White head and cameras. We were blown away by the footage and loved that Walt had a front row seat to it all.”

All in all the ride into space looks beautiful.

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