“Veronica Mars” Movie Has Fans Excited for 2014

The end of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” left a big hole in many fans TV schedules, so the announcement of “Veronica Mars” drew in this saddened crowd, myself included, and got us all hooked.

Kristen Bell’s Veronica is a strong, witty, sarcastic, independent blonde teenager, much like Sarah Michelle Geller was as Buffy. There are no vampires to fight in the town of Neptune, but there are plenty of mysteries to solve and bad guys to take down. Veronica wasn’t a slayer, but a private investigator, working with her dad, owner of Mars Investigations.

The father-daughter duo tackled case after case, often at great danger. There were also plenty of hard situations to navigate at high school (and college in the last season). The show was filled with great dialogue, well-developed characters and romance. Veronica and Logan practically made televisions explode every week with their intense chemistry.

Then it was cancelled after just three seasons.

And, honestly, we’d be better off to pretend most of the third season didn’t happen. The writer’s were strained not knowing if the show was going to continue or not and it showed in the plotlines, or lack thereof.

Fans were begging for the characters to be revived for years. The show’s creator, Rob Thomas, got together with Bell to figure out a way to make thishappen. A Kickstarter campaign was launched earlier this year to raise funds for a “Veronica Mars” movie.

I jumped on board and made a pledge as soon as I heard about it. Rob, Kristen and other actors made hysterical videos urging fans to support the campaign. Incentives were offered, including T-shirts, signed scripts, lunch with the cast, and even parts in the film.

The campaign made Kickstarter history, quickly exceeding Thomas’s $2 million goal. It closed with over 90,000 backers and $5,702,153.

The much anticipated “Veronica Mars” movie recently finished production and now has a release date. Kristen Bell tweeted a link to the Entertainment Weekly article announcing the big news on Dec. 4. The tweet was addressed to “Marshmallows,” the nickname for the shows fans.

The film opens on March, 14, 2014, which happens to be the one year anniversary of the Kickstarter campaign launch. Rob Thomas explained in an email to backers that the date, 3-14, is also Pi, or PI, short for private investigator.

However, Veronica is an attorney in the film, which takes place at her ten year high school reunion. Sneak peak clips show that while she comes back to Neptune for the reunion, she isn’t thrilled to see all of her old classmates. The sarcasm, wit and adorable charm that make us love the character still shine through.

Fans are anxious to find out who Miss Mars has landed with romantically. She was torn between Logan (Jason Dohring)and newcomer Piz (Chris Lowell) in the final season. Many fans were dismayed to see clips of the film showing Lowell, fearful it means trouble for Veronica and Logan, or “LoVe” as fans have nicked named the couple.

Nearly everyone from the series has signed on for the movie. All of the favorite characters will be back in action – Keith, Mac, Wallace, Gia, Weevil and, of course, Logan and Veronica.

Are you as excited as I am to see the “Veronica Mars” movie? And are you Team Logan or Team Piz?

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