Update on Lindsay Lohan and All That Happened on Her Docu-Series


It seems like there are daily reports about Lindsay Lohan’s sobriety, especially lately, thanks to her docu-series, “Lindsay,” on the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN).

Widely seen as her “last chance” to revive a failing acting career, Oprah Winfrey took a big chance on Lohan’s ability to stay sober. OWN describes “Lindsay” as a documentary that “follows movie star and media sensation Lohan on her journey through recovery, following a very public period of crisis.”

In the early episodes of “Lindsay”, the 27-year-old star gained some public sympathy. However, viewers couldn’t ignore her unprofessional and diva-like behavior. Oprah made an appearance to try to rein in the troubled Lohan, but it only appeared to have a temporary effect. As she seemingly continued to spiral out of control, people began questioning the sincerity of Winfrey’s desire to help. Even Rosie O’Donnell, who used to gush about Winfrey on her own hit talk show, took issue with the program.

“The Lindsay show is a tragedy — on every level,” she tweeted. “I hope one day she gets sober for real and watches these episodes — n sees what we all do.” When a fan responded by suggesting Lohan shouldn’t throw away a chance by Oprah, she questioned, “so a chat with O can cure addiction and mental illness.”

“Lindsay” isn’t the first reality show to deal with famous people with drug or alcohol problems. “Celebrity Rehab” and “Sober House” have been there, but Lohan is easily the most famous of the bunch. When she started the show, she was just coming out of her sixth stint at rehab. By doing the show, and several other things, she broke one of the steadfast rules about staying sober; don’t make any major changes in your life. Lohan moved to New York immediately to start filming the show, lived in a hotel, and chose a new home, which are all stressful lifestyle changes. Sadly, her sober living coach on the program didn’t mention any of these things on the show. Considering the resources available to Winfrey and the production company, it’s disappointing that more care and thought wasn’t put in place to counter the poor choices apparently necessary for the show. It’s almost as if they wanted Lohan to fail.

The public sympathy that initially followed Lindsay Lohan is gone. The ratings were dismal, which is a major reason there won’t be a second season. Lohan’s recent appearance on the CBS sitcom “2 Broke Girls” helped garner its lowest ratings of its third season. Worst still was a scathing blog entry about her behavior on-set; the writer said Lohan’s lips had recently been so plumped that she couldn’t pronounce her lines properly.

In one episode of “Lindsay,” a frustrated magazine editor called her names after LiLo failed to show up for her call time and caused trouble on the set. For her newest appearance on “Watch What Happens Live,” host Andy Cohan kindly opted out of drinking during her interview. Lohan appeared bright eyed and engaged but refused to really get into interesting topics like her supposed “sex list.” And now the latest drama is what LiLo revealed during the show’s finale: she allegedly had a miscarriage, causing her to miss two weeks of filming.

In reality, the public doesn’t know if Lohan is sober or not or what really held her back from filming during those two weeks. Her repeated bad, spoiled-like behavior could be the result of growing up in the spotlight with two dysfunctional parents and having her every need met. Regardless of the reason, throwing her in the public eye at the height of her recovery certainly didn’t help matters. The few fans she has left want her to succeed but she doesn’t have the tools needed to make a comeback.

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