TVs Favorite Families: Why We Love Them


What is it about TVs favorite families that keep us watching? You might love them or hate them—or love to hate them. Perhaps you relate to the sibling rivalries and overbearing parents. Or maybe watching the dysfunctional families on screen makes you appreciate your own that much more. Whatever the reason, take a look at some of our favorite families on television today and see if you agree.

Favorite Family That Makes Us Appreciate Our Own Family: The Bluths (Arrested Development)


As far as dysfunctional families go, the Bluths have never disappointed. They are selfish, greedy, and inappropriate. They lie, steal, and seek their own interests, no matter the cost. And yet, they really do love each other. Sometimes, a little too much (I’m talking to you, George Michael). So, why do we watch? Because no matter how many times you have to help a family member out of a jam, they probably would never go as far as faking their own death and running off to Mexico leaving you to deal with accusations of treason. Sure, your family might not always approve of your choices, but they would never accidentally drug your new girlfriend and kidnap her in a log cabin only to leave her unconscious on a bus stop bench. At least, let’s hope not.

Favorite Family That Makes Us Cry: The Bravermans (Parenthood)


Seriously, have you ever been able to get through an episode without reaching for the Kleenex? The Braverman clan seem to have been through it all. A single mother moving back with her parents, a father learning he has a son, near-fatal car accidents, fighting breast cancer, dramatic adoptions—and that’s just scratching the surface. And no matter how much they bicker and fight (sometimes at high volumes), they get through it all together.

Favorite Upper-Class British Family Whose Lifestyle We Wish We Had: The Crawleys (Downton Abbey)


Notice that we didn’t say we wish we were a part of this family. Not quite sure if anyone would want that, since the members of the Crawley family have been no stranger to tragedy. But, one can certainly dream about wearing fancy clothes and living in an elaborate estate with your very own servants.

Favorite Middle-Class American Family That We Actually Can Relate To: The Hecks (The Middle)


As far as siblings go, Axl, Sue, and Brick couldn’t be more different and terrorize each other more often. But anytime older brother Axl is the tiniest bit nice to his sister, or when he admits he will miss his little brother when he leaves for college, we are reminded why we love this family so much. Or when we see Frankie create fake Facebook accounts so she can post on Sue’s wall, it reminds us how parents are willing to do almost anything if it means preventing their children from suffering. And who can’t relate to that?

Is your favorite not on the list? Who else would you include among TVs favorite families on the air?

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