TV Wins and Fails: The Best Shows Renewed and Canceled for 2013

The Mindy Project

TV is a fickle mistress. Even if you’re totally in love with a TV show, there’s no telling if others are as well, which means your fave shows are usually at the mercy of ratings. At the beginning of the year, networks can already tell which shows are garnering an audience. So, this spring, we say “hello!” to our favorites that will be returning come fall and a sad “goodbye” to those shows that lost the battle with the chopping block.

Win! The Mindy Project: Have you seen this show? It’s adorable and funny all at once. And, if you don’t have it on your DVR already, get it set up, because it’s the perfect show to mainline one episode after another on a Sunday afternoon. Mindy and her crazy friends and frenemies will all be back come fall after the wrap of the successful first season.

Fail! Private Practice: Looks like Addison’s last season was destined to be her last. And on the bright side, the show lasted and impressive six seasons, which is virtually unheard of when it comes to spinoff shows. And while Grey’s Anatomy is still limping along, Private Practice finally came to an end when ABC decided season six would be its last with 13 episodes remaining.

Win! The X Factor: For those of us who are bored of Mariah and Nicki’s antics on American Idol and over the gimmick of the chair and button on The Voice comes the tear-jerking third season of The X Factor. While it was off to a rocky start, the addition of the now-retired Britney Spears as judge drummed up some interest for the Brit transplant. I’m already excited to see Simon shoot down the dreams of small contestants and old pros alike.

Fail! Don’t Trust the B— in Apartment 23: Dubious names aside, B— had one thing that no other show did: James Van Der Beek playing himself. Poking fun at his teenage stardom and sissy ways, Van Der Beek was the most watchable character on the show. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough to keep the series afloat, because ABC pulled the plug after just two seasons.

Win! The Vampire Diaries: OK, I’ll be the first to admit that the Damon, Elena, Stefan love triangle is getting a little stale, but my inner teenager is still glad that the vamps will be back for another season. After all, we’ve had one season about Damon being the bad guy, one where Stefan is the villain and the newest season revolving around Elena getting her bad girl on – what character will be headed to the dark side this time around?

Fail! Fringe: Fringe had all the trappings of an obsessive blockbuster a la Lost. But despite bringing on J.J. Abrams to direct and heavy hitters like Joshua Jackson to man the show all about crazy phenomenons, the show never quite reached smoke monster proportions. Instead, it’s limped along for five seasons until finally, FOX put the show out of its misery. Still, if you’re a diehard fan, there’s still hope. Industry rumblings have pointed toward a cable network picking up the series.

Win! How I Met Your Mother: Let’s face it: ending the series before we ever find out exactly who the titular mother is would be pretty tragic. And while viewers are probably getting a little antsy – is it me or is this the longest story ever? – the shtick still works for another season and we get to continue to play the guessing game about who Ted eventually ends up with.

Fail! The Job: Nice try, CBS. I know you wanted to rival NBC’s The Apprentice, but it wasn’t gonna happen. You’d think that producer Mark Burnett would have known that. In fact, the show received such little fanfare that it was canceled after just two episodes, despite filming four – ouch! Ah well, I guess the contestants can try for a spot on The Celebrity Apprentice – they’ll just have to become bad reality stars first.

Win! New Girl: FOX hits it out of the park again with quirk Zooey Deschanel, who men love and who women would love to be. And the comedy is just as quirky as her thick bangs and hipster glasses; laughs with just enough human element for you to watch again and again. Luckily, you’ve got another season to giggle over awkward Jess and the gang as they make their way as singles.

Fail! 90210: And you said the continuation of your favorite ‘90s teen show would never make it. Okay, so the show is bein canceled – it still managed to claw out a respectable five seasons of content despite having any substance whatsoever. Sure, I’ll never know what happens to Annie and Dixon, but on the bright side, I can go back to watching reruns of Beverly Hils: 90210 sans the shame. Farewell, teens!

TV is kind of like a revolving door or Heidi Klum’s runway: one day you’re in and the next day you’re out. Let’s all be really grateful that most networks keep full episodes on their sites and Netflix resurrects our old favorites – it’s like they never left at all.

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