Top 6 Unexpected Christopher Walken Cameos

Christopher Walken   Who doesn’t love a Christopher Walken cameo? Over the last decade, the guy seems to show up in almost every comedy for a scene or two. Plus, when he has a bigger role, he’s always dancing. In fact, rumor has it that his standard contract requires that he dance at least once in every film he has a major role in. Think about it: Wedding Crashers, Catch Me if You Can, Hairspray — he dances in all of them. How cool is that? At 69, the Academy Award winning actor still has the moves, and even when he takes on small roles, he knows how to make an impact. Here are six of the best Christopher Walken cameos of all time. 6. Duane Hall – Annie Hall In this comedy classic, Walken plays Diane Keaton’s deranged brother who tells Woody Allen all about how he fantasizes about car crashes. He then proceeds to give Allen and Keaton a lift to the airport. Talk about an uncomfortable family trip. 5. J-Man – Envy Few people play crazy as well as Christopher Walken. Usually he goes for scary-crazy or plain old psycho-crazy, but in this Ben Stiller flick, he tries out hobo-crazy, and of course, he does an amazing job. 4. Guardian Angel – Bad Girl Walken doesn’t just do movies. Aside from starring in the infamous Fatboy Slim video “Weapon of Choice,” he played the cameo role of Madonna’s guardian angel in the video for Bad Girl, a song off of her album, Erotica. 3. Hal Weidmann – America’s Sweethearts Walken was brilliant as the crazed director in America’s Sweethearts who preferred working out of the cabin that once belonged to the Unabomber. To be fair, this role is a bit more than just a cameo, but that doesn’t make it any less unpredictably genius. 2. Tom – Pennies From Heaven Again, a bit more than a cameo, but too good not to mention; in this musical starring Steve Martin, Walken plays a pimp who woos Martin’s girl into becoming a prostitute by performing a singing, tap-dancing strip-tease. The scene is Walken at his best. 1. Captain Koons – Pulp Fiction Perhaps the best cameo he ever did, Walken’s brief role in Pulp Fiction is one of the funniest and most bizarre moments in the entire bizarre film. Who could forget Walken telling young Butch about how he smuggled a watch in his ass for two years before handing it over to the kid? Only Quentin Tarantino could come up with such bizarre dialogue, and only Christopher Walken could deliver it with such stern austerity: Brilliant. What is your favorite Christopher Walken moment in film?

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