Throw Back Thursday: Top 5 Moments From The Hills in Gifs

If you’re looking to party like it’s 2006, MTV has got you covered—the once-music channel plans on re-airing both Laguna Beach and The Hills this summer as part of their MTV Brunch series. The network also announced that they’ll show a top secret The Hills alternate ending as part of the special programming.

We’re excited to see the guilty pleasure replayed again. If you don’t have time to watch the entire series this summer, check out our top five favorite moments from The Hills.

Season One: Lauren Gets Busted Because of her Friends


The Hills followed Lauren Conrad as she left the relative safety of Laguna for the big, wide world of Beverly Hills. Her first charmed gig? Working in the fashion closet at Teen Vogue magazine. While it seemed like the perfect job, she almost blew it by allowing Whitney to bring her rowdy friends, including a drunk Heidi, to a high-class industry party. Her editor was none too pleased and she got a formal reprimand—and we all rubbed our hands together with glee.

Season One: The Girl Who Didn’t go to Paris

The Hills Lauren Gif

Much of the first season centered around Lauren’s on and off relationship with her Laguna honey, Jason. From the couch, it was clear to see that Jason was a lazy philanderer, which is why it was so hard to watch LC turn down an opportunity to go to Paris for work to spend time with Jason instead. Granted, she’s now rich and can go to Paris any time she wants, but back then we were all yelling “NO!” at our TVs. And wouldn’t you know it, the two broke up next season.

Season Two: Whitney Takes a Tumble


Oh, the drama! When a model doesn’t show up for a Good Morning America segment sponsored by Teen Vogue, Whitney is asked to fill in. After all, she’s tall and gorgeous, right? As the cameras roll and the models walk down a set of stairs, Whitney trips and falls backwards—on live TV, no less. Lauren’s reaction? Laughing at her BFF.

Season Three: Forgive and Forget

The Hills Top Moments

The tension between Heidi and Lauren had been boiling for a while, but the two former besties finally had it out at the end of season three. After Heidi’s creepy beau, Spencer, spread rumors about LC, the two young women have an emotional interaction that basically results in Heidi begging Lauren to be friends. The best part is Lauren epic breakup line: “I want to forgive you, and I want to forget you.” Ooh, ouch.

Season Four: Blame it on the Alcohol

The Hills top 5 moments

Everyone’s favorite villainous couple, Heidi and Spencer, go to Cabo together—and drunkenly get married. There’s a twist, of course, with the pair realizing later that their marriage isn’t actually legal in the States. That’s great for ratings, because they were able to plan a State-side wedding as well. Unfortunately for them, America got sick of their antics soon after.

Maybe that’s what The Hills alternate ending should be: We find out that Heidi and Spencer are no longer famous.

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