“The X Factor” Final Four: Who Will Take the Prize?


The X Factor is down to the final four and viewers can’t wait to see who pulls out a win this season. Each of the mentors, except Demi Lovato, has someone in the finals. Let’s look at who is left and who could win it all this season.

Carlito Olivero

He knows what it is like to be in the bottom two. Last week he barely made it through and then he was in the audience singing to Dallas Lovato pretending like he didn’t know who she was at all. We believe it is highly doubtful that he will win this season of the show. 

Jeff Gutt

He was on the show last season as well but didn’t make it very far. Jeff went home and worked hard to make it further this year. He is the rocker this season, but gets mixed reviews from the judges. One week they love him and the next they are bored with his performance. He does stand a chance in the competition, but is not my predicted winner. 

Restless Road

This group of three male country singers was put together by the show. They came in performing alone and then learned how to work as a group and have improved with it every week. The young girls go wild when they hit the stage and their fan base keeps growing. They did great on the iTunes chart last week, even impressing the mentors on the show.

The country music fans are very faithful. I see Restless Road making it big because there aren’t many groups out there like them.  

Alex and Sierra

These lovebirds are my top pick to win this season. Last week, they were #1 on the iTunes singles charts, which is huge and shows they could win it all. They are both really good at not getting cocky about how well they perform, plus fans love to watch their love for each other when they’re together on stage. If they don’t win, their careers are going to be amazing anyway because the world will not forget them. 

Wet Paint compared these two to Sonny and Cher saying they expect them to win this season of the show.

“I think Alex and Sierra are going to take it,” Demi Lovato said. “They’re so talented and they’re number one on iTunes! It’s insane. I think that goes to show that even if they don’t win, they’re going to succeed.” 

Their first performance on the show was Toxic by Britney Spears and they have been favorites ever since this aired.

Who do you see as the winner of The X Factor 2013? On December 12, one more act will go home, leaving it to the final three. The winner will be announced on the December 19 episode. Sound off in the comments below on who you want to see win it all and which performer you would buy an album from once it is released. 

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