The Walking Dead Find Some Prey and The Governor Gets A Portrait Collage

The Walking Dead Find Some Prey

The Walking Dead Collage

The episode begins with Michonne and Andrea camped out in the woods with a couple of zombies chained to a tree. Now, that’s just not something I’d ever be willing to do in a zombie apocalypse. Granted, you could hear them coming a mile away, and they are fairly slow; but still, I’d need to pretty much be the person willing to stay indoors, monitoring the radio, etc.

That said; it is interesting to see the two of them together. After all, Michonne is part of Rick’s gang and Andrea has taken up with the Governor’s group. There’s a deep bond between the two, which I think could come into play as the Gov and his thugs attempt to mow down Rick and his group.

Milton is quite upset when he sees some of his group loading weapons and ammo into the trucks. After all, they are not supposed be wiping out Rick and his group, they’re just supposed to be getting Michonne in exchange for peace and Rick’s pick of land and buildings in the area.

I always like to watch the characters that are tasked with betrayal. Watching their anguish and emotions eat them up from the inside makes for good theater, as it were, and Andrea really sells her turmoil to the viewers.

Andrea, while making her way out of the compound, perhaps to make her way to the prison to let Rick in on the ambush plan, is stopped by Martinez and disarmed. She’s quite reluctant to give up her 2nd Amendment rights, but she’s smart enough to recognize it could go sideways on her in a New York minute and gives up her gun.

Just then the Gov approaches her, tells her he should have told her he was collecting everyone’s weapons, and how much he was counting on her when they reach the prison compound. It was clear to me he fully understood he had a traitor on his hands but was doing his best not to show all his cards.

I was immediately concerned for Andrea when she finally escaped Woodbury. After all, she’s only armed with a knife and even as slow as the walkers are, a knife means hand-to-hand combat. Honestly, I hope she makes it, but she might not. Milton might be the only hope for Rick and his group to discover the plot to wipe them out.

What horror story is complete without a scene in the woods with the monsters zeroing in on the unsuspecting maiden? Okay, it wasn’t quite like that, mainly because Andrea isn’t an unsuspecting maiden, but she did have to duck into the woods and was promptly met by a trio of walkers.

She was eventually able to wipe them out and move on, but not before I had managed to move to the edge of my seat, starting biting a nail, and tensing every muscle in my body! I literally had to force myself to relax after the scene ended. I was so reminded of the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre during this particular scene.

Meanwhile, Tyreese, Sasha, Alan, Ben, and Martinez make their way to a farm where we discover a group of walkers trapped in a pit from which they can’t escape. It’s clear they’re going to load them up in a horse trailer to ferry them into the prison compound and use them against Rick’s group.

If there’s to be a traitor in the group who isn’t Andrea, it likely could be Tyreese. He’s clearly at the end of his rope with this quasi-military group of the Gov’s and gave off the impression of a man just about ready to explode, and not in the good way.

Andrea finally makes her way to an abandoned factory, but not before being chased by the Gov in his big truck. He must’ve known where she was headed, because she no sooner made her way inside the factory before the Gov shows up.

He systematically stalks her through the factory, talking to her even though he can’t see her and doesn’t know specifically where she is. He whistles to punctuate the overall creepiness of the setting. He’s become quite unhinged, and if you’re a real fan of the show then you know that’s saying a lot.

The factory began to fill with walkers, which worked to her advantage as he was forced to deal with them. However, her solace was short-lived as she got herself cornered and he found her. For her sake, however, there was a stairwell full of walkers and she opened the door letting them out to track down the Gov. He may or may not have made it out alive, but she did and continues to make her way to the prison compound.

Meanwhile, someone set fire to all the walkers stowed away in the horse trailer, and we’re led to believe it was Tyreese.

Andrea was within feet of the prison compound when you-know-who sneaked up behind her and wrestled her to the ground. Guess the zombies didn’t get him after all, but that’s okay; no good story  comes without conflict and a villain. Love him or hate him, the Gov is integral to the story, and The Walking Dead needs his character.

In the end we’re left to wonder about who wiped out the walkers in the pit and the horse trailer. It could be Tyreese, it could be Milton, or in what would turn out to be a really strange turn of events, it could be Martinez.

We are not left, however, wondering about Andrea. As the episode fades to black, we see her tied to a chair with her mouth gagged; no doubt waiting for something nasty to happen at the hand of the Gov.

“Prey” is a really good episode. We really never see Rick and his gang, but the time spent with the Gov and his group was excellent. Some really terrific horror moments, which made for an excellent viewing experience.

Episode rating: 9 Stars

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