“The Walking Dead” Dating Game: Who’s Next To Hook Up?


The world of “The Walking Dead” isn’t the ideal place to get amorous.

The smell of rotting flesh wafting through the air isn’t exactly an aphrodisiac, and it’s hard to enjoy a nice candlelight dinner when you know that candles are your only lighting source. There’s also a good chance that your romantic dinner consists of cat food and squirrel kebabs.

However, love will find a way, even during the zombie apocalypse, and because Valentine’s Day is here, now seems like the perfect time to play matchmaker with the remaining members of the prison group. Here’s a look at who could pair up.

Carol and Tyreese – The last time we saw the prison group, Tyreese was with creepy Lizzie and the other kids, and he may or may not have Lil Ass-Kicker with him. If the group runs into Carol, Tyreese would probably be happy to see her (he doesn’t exactly seem like the maternal type). Carol and Tyreese do hook up in “The Walking Dead” comic books, but the TV series has taken Carol’s character in an entirely different direction. The “Tyrol” romance in the comics was definitely rocky, but a relationship between the two would be even more precarious on the show since Carol killed Tyreese’s girlfriend (or so we think).

Michonne and Rick – Michonne and Rick have had their little moments since he almost decided to give her up to the Governor, but what makes Michonne a really excellent match for Rick is the way she’s bonded with his kids. She won Carl over by helping him procure a picture of his mother, and holding baby Judith obviously made her revisit some emotions that she needs help dealing with. Rick definitely deserves the love of a loyal woman like Michonne after the way Lori treated him. During an interview on “Katie,” Andrew Lincoln and Danai Gurira did hint at a possible romance between their characters. According to Zap2It, Lincoln teased “Richonne” fans by saying, “We have a romance this season.” Gurira chimed in to say, “Oh yeah, of course.” Lincoln went on to claim that he was just kidding, but it wasn’t the first time that he talked about the possibility of a Richonne romance. During an interview with TV Line, he said that there’s a “deep connection” between Rick and Michonne and that they’re similar people.

Daryl and Everyone – Maybe the show needs to do its own version of “The Bachelor” with Daryl Dixon handing out Cherokee roses instead of red ones. “Caryl” used to be the most wanted “Walking Dead” hookup, but now that Carol has confessed to being a cold-hearted, cold-blooded killer, fans have started shipping Daryl with other characters. Daryl ended up getting stuck with Beth after the prison battle, and some fans do want “Bethyl” to happen even though the teen might be a tad too young for Daryl. Comicbook.com asked Norman Reedus about the possibility of Beth developing feelings for Daryl during season 4, and the actor responded by saying, “I can’t tell you that, but god she’s cute so fingers crossed.” However, team “Dixonne” shouldn’t despair. Reedus is also rooting for Daryl to melt Michonne’s hard heart by using his hot bod. “She’s cute. They would have really good sex, I bet,” Reedus told Vulture. “And that’s definitely one way to blow off steam.” Maybe Daryl just needs to date everyone for short amounts of time to please all his fangirls.

Sasha and Bob – Sasha and Bob ended up with Maggie when the group split up after the prison battle. Bob is still struggling with his addiction to alcohol, and he needs someone tough to help him stay on the wagon so that he doesn’t make any more deadly mistakes. Sasha proved that she’s strong by surviving the flu that wiped out so much of the prison group, so she might be the perfect woman for Bob. Maybe the two of them will decide that they want what Maggie and Glenn have after spending time with Maggie and seeing how much she loves her man.

Speaking of “Gleggie,” fans are probably wondering about the fate of the couple now that they’ve been split up. During an interview with Refinery 29, Steven Yeun reassured everyone that their love is stronger than ever. “You know, it’s a beautiful story wrapped in such a desolate theme,” he said. “I think people are really going to see the true love those two characters have for each other at the second half of the season.”

Which other love story would you like to see on the show?

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