‘The Walking Dead’ Crowns a New Sex Symbol: Steven Yeun


First the ladies went crazy over Andrew Lincoln. Then everyone went crazy over Norman Reedus with his poncho and crossbow. But the latest buzz on The Walking Dead cast adds another name to the list of guys who make the ladies swoon on the hit show: Steven Yeun made People Magazine’s “Sexiest Men” list for 2013. Who saw that coming?

Yeun, who plays Glenn on the series, made a reputation early on as the man who may lack some of the brawn of the other guys in the gang, but makes up for it in brains. Remember how back in season one, he figured out how to get into the Atlanta store with all the zombies, then got them out when things went bad? He’s crafty that way.

He also holds the distinction of being the only guy post-apocalypse to make a full romantic commitment. Displaying some old-fashioned romance, he asked Maggie’s father before proposing marriage. That’s impressive enough in the real world, even without the whole zombie thing. Of course, in a post zombie world, a lot of girls wouldn’t have fathers to ask, but that’s beside the point. The guy is a romantic, and chicks dig romantic guys.

Most recently, Glenn almost died from that nasty flu bug, and given how he tends to fly under the radar in the grand scheme of things, one tends to forget how much you love a character till you almost lose him. But, boy, that was a harsh reminder. How many people went into panic mode when he started turning blue and started yelling at their TV “Don’t you dare die, Glenn! I never knew how much I loved you till now!”

The “Sexiest Men” list was chosen long before Glenn almost died, so at least someone appreciated him before that.

While The Walking Dead has made costars Lincoln and Reedus household heartthrobs, this is new territory for Yeun, who confesses that the attention is a bit perplexing to him.

“When I first heard that I was going to be in the issue, I asked if they were sure,” he says in a video interview about his selection. “And then maybe the second question was, ‘Is this a joke?'”

It’s no joke, Glenn. We love you. Maybe not quite as much as Daryl Dixon, but hey, not everyone can have that kind of love, or have fans sending them gifts like squirrels… or breast implants. And Daryl doesn’t have Maggie.

What do you think about Yeun being included in the “Sexiest Men” list? Do you disagree, or do you think it’s about time he gets some recognition? Who do you think is the sexiest character on The Walking Dead?

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