‘The Walking Dead’ Characters Face a Much Greater Threat than The Governor

The Governor The Walking Dead

At the end of last week’s episode of The Walking Dead, viewers gasped in horror as they finally got a glimpse of The Governor the first time this season watching the prison from the woods. He may have been a terrible threat last season with all of the conflict and killing, but with hardly any followers left, the group at the prison faces far greater threats. We’ve already seen what happens when a case of the flu sweeps through a large group with no antibiotics on hand. But this week, the prison group may face one of the biggest threats they’ve ever faced: a standoff that could rip them apart.

The great “Rick versus Daryl” confrontation over Carol. This ain’t gonna be pretty.

Even Rick knows that this is not going to go well. He was all set to talk to Daryl and let him know that he had sent Carol way, when Carl asked him if he really had to talk to Daryl right now. Uh, no… Rick decided to go do some farming with Carl and open up pea pods.

Whether you believe what Carol did was right or wrong when she killed two of the prison group and set their bodies on fire to try to stop the disease, Daryl is not going to be happy. Even if he doesn’t agree with what Carol did in principle, he and Carol had become very close. There have been times throughout the previous seasons when people felt a little possible romantic connection between the pair. Namely, when Daryl came to Carol’s aid not only looking for her daughter, but in comforting her when Sophia died.

It looked like the two might become a couple then, but even though they didn’t, their relationship evolved into something beyond your typical romance, or friendship, or family, or… whatever. I mean, Carol called him “Pookie” at the beginning of the season.


Daryl has rarely shown much emotion in any episode, except when his brother, Merle, turned into a walker and he had to kill him. Since then, it seems Carol has sort of evolved into a mother-like figure for Daryl, and is by far the person he’s most connected to a prison.

They’re both extreme survivors in a group of survivors. They get each other. What I’m trying to say is… Daryl is gonna lose his you-know-what when Rick tells him he sent Carol away regardless of the reason, and regardless of his care in making sure she had supplies and a car.

So first of all, you know we’re going to have a fight. And I think everyone can safely put their money on Daryl in this one. The other thing you can pretty much presume is that Daryl will go looking for Carol, and he probably won’t be alone. This is going to split the prison group, or what’s left of it, into two camps: Team Rick and Team Daryl. With Daryl being quite the rock star of the group, expect a lot of people to turn on Rick. And there’s a very good chance a lot of people will want to go with Daryl to look for Carol, further weakening the group at the prison with smaller numbers and making them more vulnerable to attack from walkers and, of course, The Governor.

They must stand together to stay strong, and this is gonna rip them up part.

Lest you think Carol has left for good, Executive Producer Robert Kirkman made it clear we haven’t heard the last of Carol in a recent interview. He’s also been very clear that the spin off of “The Walking Dead” will be a freestanding series without any overlapping characters. That means Carol will be back on this series.

Now, she doesn’t seem the kind to really hold a grudge, and seems to understand why Rick sent her away. She even seemed to accept it pretty gracefully. But will that change over time? Could she possibly form an alliance with The Governor now that she’s become as cold as he has? Could she actually hook up with The Governor? Yeah, that’s a gross thought but hey, who knows what you would do in a post apocalypse zombie world where the pickings are mighty slim.

What do you think is gonna happen on The Walking Dead when Rick breaks the news to Daryl? If you’re new to the series or want to recap all the action so far, check out this cool guide, Zombiefied.

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