The Typography of TV Show Logos.

Like the Nike swoosh and the Apple apple, the logos of TV shows are intended to efficiently communicate the central sentiments of the brands, er, series. And just as swooshes and apples denote victory and hip expensive electronics respectively, so do TV show logos symbolize the feelings stirred up when we watch them. The key difference comes in the execution. While many of the logos we’re familiar with rely mostly on picture imagery (think of the Mercedes symbol or the golden arches), most TV show logos use artful typography to synthesize the series and convey emotion. Consider the low-key style of “The Hills'” logo, an apt reflection of the chill “SoCal” culture it represents. Likewise, Sex and The City’s glamorous, girly logo suggests Manhattan’s flash and sparkle, and Miami Vice’s art deco-style lettering harkens steamy nights in South Beach. While researching this article, we discovered that several of our favorite shows even use aptly named fonts to form their logo, including: Swiss 911 Ultra-compressed on “Grey’s Anatomy,” American Typewriter on “The Office,” Impact on “LOST,” and Avant Garde Medium on “Glee.” We also noticed that some TV show logos are rooted their eras. Could the logos of “The Brady Bunch” and “Gilligan’s Island” be any more 1960s?  Other show logos reflect their genre; “The Price is Right,” “Jeopardy,” “Wheel of Fortune,” and other game show logos all feature bold colors, over-the-top energy, and are as potentially seizure-inducing as the programs themselves. What follows is a collection of some of our favorite TV show logos, selected for their efficacy, their artfulness, and because we just downright love them.

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