The Stars of TechStars NYC Demo Day 2013 – Get To Know These Companies

TechStars NYC 2013

TechStars NYC 2013

Since 2006 TechStars has helped 199 startups gain funding with their mentorship-driven seed stage investment program.   Initially TechStars was exclusively in its founders native, Boulder, Colorado and has expanded to Chicago, New York City, Seattle, London and  Austin. As the New York segment of TechStars wraps up this week, I took a look at the TechStars web series and was reminded of how rigorous the three month long program is on budding entrepreneurs.

Over the past couple of years, TechStars has let the audience and future hopefuls inside the intensive Boulder, Colorado program with their web-documentary series. Insightful and often entertaining? Yes. We can’t help but wonder how many of the 1700 NYC applicants took the time to get an edge and watched the series, but we know that the following 11 startups had enough, moxie and edge combined with an interesting idea to make the TechStars NYC cut.

Let’s take a deeper look at the companies from TechStars NYC and the sweet package all accepted applicants received.

The companies that make it into TechStars get:

  • $18,000
  • A $100,000 convertible debt note
  • Free hosting services
  • Connections and advice
  • A Chance to pitch their company to angel investors and venture capitalists
  • And more (list of perks

Check out the list of companies who just finished the latest program at TechStars NYC. Get acquainted this definitely won’t be the last time you hear about these new companies.


An app that allows groups of friends to come together to find local live music events and buy tickets easily. The app aims to help promoters fill seats at events and help friends get together in their city.


This company helps marketers figure out how to better use ad spending dollars. It shows users how many sites an ad appears on, and lets them know when people see the same add twice.


This company creates a solution for parents by offering product recommendations from other parents. New parents can get recommendations via a social network of their friends rather than relying on anonymous reviews.


The Sketchfab platform helps website owners build and publish 3D content. The software supports Autocad and other 3D programs.


FaithStreet provides a platform for local churches to raise funds. The company has over 12,000 churches signed up for donation. It takes a fee of two percent from every donation.


This mobile app is designed to track data and distances for your car. The device plugs into your car and communicates with Dash’s mobile app.


An iPhone app allowing pet owners to share pictures of their pets; Kloof already has more than one million users.


Javelin helps enterprise companies innovate ideas and projects. Eric Ries, author of Lean Startup, is an advisor for this new company.


The technology behind Placemeter tracks traffic around stores, restaurants, and billboards. The goal is to determine what stores are busy and which signs attract more consumer attention. The software does all of the tracking without recording faces, so there are no privacy issues.


Plated offers people who are tired of fast food an option to make gourmet meals at home with their ingredient delivery service. All the ingredients to a meal are delivered to your home and you can do it yourself in 30 minutes or less.


A line of code that helps companies target consumers who are interested in their products. Online stores should get higher conversions and consumers will see ads they are interested in.

What’s your opinion of this year’s selected companies; are you excited about using these new products and services?

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