“The Mindy Project”: What’s Next for Mindy and Danny After That Big Kiss?

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It would be so easy for “The Mindy Project” to avoid dealing with the fallout of that big kiss by turning the whole thing into nothing but a dream. The series returns on April Fools’ Day, so the writers could plan to pull a cruel prank by wiping out the wet one. However, Mindy Kaling’s comments about the ordeal indicate that the kiss was very real.

During an interview with E! Online, Kaling talked about the inevitable lip lock with Danny (Chris Messina).

“We could have kept up the loaded tension between Danny and Mindy for a while longer,” Kaling said. “But I think at a certain point, the option that seemed the most fun to write was to have them kiss and deal with the comedic fallout for these characters.”

Right before the big kiss, Mindy enlisted Danny to help her compose an emotional email to Cliff (Glenn Howerton). She was hoping to win her ex back, but it’s going to be hard to keep her eye on that prize if she felt the earth move when she locked lips with Danny. The first episode back is titled “French Me, You Idiot,” so perhaps it’s about Mindy engaging in a massive amount of make out sessions with Cliff in a desperate attempt to recreate the sparks that she felt with Danny. But why wouldn’t she just pursue another passionate lip lock with Danny instead?

Danny and Mindy might have kissing chemistry (this is a thing, right?), but they both know how much they can annoy each other. Mindy Kaling even admitted that they’re a “terrible fit” and that they wouldn’t be able to live in the same apartment if they ever got married.

It’s easy to imagine them agreeing that the kiss was meaningless (even if they both secretly feel that it wasn’t) because they both believe that an attempt at dating would be destined to fail. They might just blame the kiss on two emotional moments: Danny reuniting with his dad and Mindy deciding to win Cliff back.

If Mindy and Danny just decide to shove their true feelings aside and move on, Mindy might attempt to get things back to the way they were. However, Danny is a different story. He was just starting to warm up and open up, but it’s easy to picture him putting up a wall and telling Mindy that their relationship should be strictly professional. Meanwhile Mindy will probably cope with the kiss fallout by continuing on her quest to live out her perfect rom-com fantasy (with or without Cliff).

There is a slight chance that Mindy and Danny might move on from the kiss pretty quickly, however. After all, they’ve already survived seeing each other naked. This should have been a very big deal for Mindy since she said that no man had ever really seen her naked before. Speaking of that moment, remember what Danny said when he saw Mindy naked? It was this: “You’re a woman and that’s good. Look like a woman.” If Mindy didn’t fall madly in love with Danny at that very moment, when’s it gonna happen?

If Danny and Mindy can’t find an effective way to deal with the aftermath of the kiss, Mindy might simply move to another doctor’s office. According to E! Online, she’s going to be wooed by the OBGYN office where she goes to get her own checkup. It’s a practice that has a few things going for it: It’s upscale; it has celebrity clients; and Mindy wouldn’t have to worry about running into Cliff, Danny, or midwife Brendan (Mark Duplass).

It’s also possible that Mindy will get two shiny new suitors to distract her from thinking about Danny. “Private Practice” star Tim Daly has been cast in an unknown guest role, and “New Girl” actor Max Greenfield will appear on the show as a “hot player at a bar who is up to no good.” Maybe Mindy will try to take her mind off of the Danny drama by going on a dating spree.

Luckily for fans of “The Mindy Project,” we’ll get to see a lot more of Danny, Mindy, and all the men that come and go in her life. The show has been renewed for a third season, so maybe this will be the start of another epic on-again, off-again relationship like Ross and Rachel or Carrie and Big. The season finale is titled “Danny and Mindy,” so it kinda sounds like those crazy kids haven’t completely recovered from the kiss by the end of season. We’ll just have to hold tight to see if they throw caution to the wind and give an actual relationship a go or if they decide that they’re definitely over that magical moment.

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