The “Little Women: LA” Cast Has Been in Showbiz Before

Little Women

“Little Women: LA” recently debuted on Lifetime and it already appears to be a major hit for the network.

Although the idea of having a group of women featured on a reality series has certainly been done before, we haven’t seen one with a full cast of women with dwarfism.

“Little Women: LA” follows Briana Manson, Christy McGinty, Elena Gant, Terra Jole, Tonya Banks and Traci Harrison as they navigate their lives in Los Angeles, dealing with the pressures of family, career and their conditions.

While some may think this group of women are constantly struggling with their stature, they aren’t. In fact, on the show, the ladies’ size is not the main focus. Sure, it is discussed, but the majority of their story lines are based on everyday life problems that many people face.

Manson is dealing with the fallout from her divorce and child custody case, while Gant is considering her options for starting a family with her husband. McGinty and Jole are feuding over McGinty’s alleged sobriety.

Check out the details on each of these women to learn more about their lives.

Briana Manson

Manson is currently a single mother living in Escondido, Calif. Manson is currently a stay-at-home mom, but also sings, dances and performs as herself and other celebrities, including Marilyn Monroe. Years ago, Manson was a race car driver.

Manson has appeared on television on “Tosh.0” and “Chelsea Lately. “

Christy McGinty

McGinty has been an actress for several years, appearing in “Death To Smoochie,” and on “Ghost Whisperer” and “Chelsea Lately.”

In addition to acting, McGinty works as a financial advisor and is the mother of two teenagers.

Elena Gant

Gant works full-time as an actress and celebrity impersonator. She has been seen on “Reality Relapse,” “Chelsea Lately” and “Access Hollywood,” as Britney Spears.

Gant was born and raised in Russia but moved to Los Angeles several years ago where she met and married her husband, Preston Gant.

Gant also has dreams of becoming a graphic designer.

Terra Jole

Jole is perhaps the most well-known of all the women on “Little Women: LA.”

Throughout her career, Jole has appeared in “The Hungover Games,” “Buddy Bear’s Musical Adventure Happy And You Know It,” “Midgets Vs. Mascots,” “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation,” “Tales From Beyond” and “Jackass 3D.”

Years ago, Jole headlined her own show, “Little Legends,” and her own worldwide tour, during which she made appearances in Brazil, Istanbul and Germany.

She’s even toured with several musical acts, including Miley Cyrus, Lil Wayne and Ozzy Osbourne.

Jole works as an executive producer on “Little Women: LA.”

Tonya Banks

Banks has been in the entertainment industry for 30 years, working as an actress, stuntwoman and celebrity impersonator. Among her credits are “Bad Santa,” “Death To Smoochie,” “Martin,” and “The Hughleys.”

Banks has a 22-year-old daughter and is on the hunt for love.

Traci Harrison

Harrison has appeared on “The Bernie Mac Show” and “We Bought a Zoo,” but is also focused on her education.

Harrison is enrolled at Cal State University San Bernardino and is expected to graduate this year with a Bachelor’s degree in Liberal Studies.

Harrison is currently planning a wedding to her fiancé Erik Tsou.

Photo: Lifetime
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