The “Ladies Of London” Are Taking Over Bravo with Impressive Ratings


The “Ladies of London” is Bravo’s latest hit, and while it hasn’t been dubbed as “The Real Housewives of London,” it certainly seems a lot like it.

The series follows six women, all wealthy, as they attend events and socialize with one another, dealing with their at-home lives and relationships along the way. Even their cast photos are reminiscent of the “Real Housewives” brand.

That being said, these ladies all have their own personalities, and whether the show mimics the “Real Housewives” or not, they appear to be headed for success.

Annabelle Neilson

Neilson, the daughter of London investment and property adviser Max Neilson and interior designer Elizabeth, is a “wild child” socialite, model and author from England who was previously married to British financier Nathaniel Philip Rothschild.

For 20 years, Neilson modeled for Alexander McQueen and served as his muse. She was devastated by his death and continues to struggle with accepting that he’s gone.

In her free time Neilson enjoys horse riding.

Caprice Bourret

Caprice is originally from California, but has been living in England for the last 17 years.

On the show’s debut episode, Bourret bragged that after just six months in the country, everyone knew who she was and she quickly began making “$15,000 every 10 minutes.”

Nowadays, with her modeling career behind her (at least for the most part), Bourret is focused on business and five years ago, started a lingerie company called By Caprice, which she is determined to make a “monster empire.” The company’s annual sales have totaled $6.5 million.

After dating in Hollywood (she has had relationships with Rod Stewart, David Spade and Dennis Quaid), Bourret found her soul mate in 46-year-old Ty Comfort in June of 2011, and after three failed attempts at IVF, opted for a surrogate. Shortly thereafter, Bourret discovered she was pregnant.

She has since welcomed a son via surrogate and another son naturally. The boys are named Jett and Jax.

Caroline Stanbury

Stanbury was known as a socialite or “it girl” growing up, but she didn’t have to buy her way into London’s elite — she was born into it. Stanbury is a member of the Vestey family, who are worth over $1 billion, and grew up surrounded by royals.

Stanbury, who runs a luxury gift service, lives in a 12,000 square-foot estate (which features an indoor pool and a closet filled with Hermes) and has Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt as neighbors.

She has been married for 11 years to her investment banker husband, Cem Habib, and has three children, Yasmin, 7, and twins Zach and Aaron, 3.

Juliet Angus

Angus is from Chicago and has been in London for the last three years with her husband, Gregor Angus, and her two children together, Georgina, 5, and Truman, 2, after Gregor’s advertising agency relocated him to town.

In her younger years, Angus called Lindsay Lohan a “great friend” and the two often went to clubs together.

Now, she and her husband enjoy couples tennis.

Noelle Reno

Reno was born in Arizona and raised in Seattle, where she was discovered by Elite Model Management at the age of 15. From there, Reno traveled the world modeling, eventually landing in London, where she has been for the last 10 years.

While in London, Reno met Matthew Mellon and the pair became engaged. However, they never made it down the aisle and Reno eventually moved on with Scot Young. Three months into their relationship, they became engaged but have yet to get married because of Young’s ongoing divorce, which he was jailed for after withholding financial information regarding business partners.

Because of her flames’ wealth, Reno doesn’t have the best reputation with her co-stars.

Marissa Hermer

Hermer grew up in Orange County, Calif., Newport Beach to be exact, and has been in London for the last five years. She and her husband, Matt Hermer, have been married for three years and have a 19-month-old son.

Matt is a British entrepreneur, founder and CEO of the Ignite Group, which owns a selection of bars, clubs, and restaurants. One of their bars, Boujis, is so exclusive that it actually has a secret entrance for the royal family.

During her first few years in London, Hermer didn’t have the easiest time getting accepted, but once people began to realize who she was married to, she claims they suddenly became interested in getting to know her.

On the show, Hermer is seen beginning the process of becoming a citizen of the United Kingdom.

Julie Montagu

Montagu is also not from London, but after the Illinois native met and married her now-husband, Luke Montagu, the Viscount Hinchingbrooke heir to the Earl of Sandwich, she moved there and became known as the Viscountess Hinchingbrooke.

An interesting fact about Montagu is that she acted as Cameron Diaz’s stand-in in “My Best Friend’s Wedding.”

Although it is still early in the show’s first season, the ratings have been impressive thus far, and seem to hint that a second season is nearly a sure thing.

“The ‘Ladies of London’ posted very respectable premiere ratings of 1,170,000 viewers (630,000 aged 18-49 demo of 0.50),” Bravo Ratings reported on April 30.

According to the site, the “Ladies of London” season one premiere captured more than three of Bravo’s other series’ own season one premieres, including that of “Newlyweds: The First Year” (1,018,000 viewers), “Below Deck” (1,080,000 viewers), and “Southern Charm” (983,000 viewers), all of which were renewed for a second season.

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