The Kardashians Christmas Card Uncovered — What Did You Miss In The Photo?


The Kardashians Christmas card has just been released to the public.

Every year, the famous family participates in a photo shoot for the holiday season and every year, they go all out. However, this year was a bit different. Instead of the normal backdrop and a few props, the family went all out, hiring David LaChapelle to arrange a much more memorable holiday card which is filled with strategically placed items secretly hidden in the photograph.

One of the most shocking things to be discovered by E! News is perhaps the presence of Kanye West. Although the rapper and baby daddy of Kim previously said that he wouldn’t be included in the photo because he didn’t like how they “shoot some of the shots,” he was very much a part of the Kardashians Christmas card. In fact, he appears in it twice! When fans look closely, they can see two copies of Kanye’s Rolling Stones cover in which he appeared with a crown of thorns.


Also thought to be absent was Lamar Odom, but again, he appears in the shot via magazine cover. Oddly, the cover states that Khloe is “taking him back.”


On another magazine cover, fans can see that Kris Humphries has even made the cut — but not his photograph. He is simply present with the mention of his and Kim’s 72-day marriage.

Noticeably absent from the high-content photo are Scott Disick and Rob Kardashian. While Scott may not technically be part of the Kardashian family yet, he is the father of Kourtney’s kids, so fans expected that he would take part. As for Rob, it’s hard to say why he sat out.

One person who was more than accounted for in the photo was the influential Kim. Not only was Kim seen standing above the rest of her family in person, she was also featured in roughly 60 other photos strewn about the scene.

Bruce Jenner, although currently separated from Kris, debuted in the photo as a cashier, but what fans may have missed were the strategically placed mementos from Bruce’s younger years, including his two gold medals and a couple of photos from the Olympic games.


Then came something a bit more surprising — the Illuminati display.

“In their latest eyebrow-raising gesture, the first family of reality TV veered off the beaten path for their annual Christmas card, (inadvertently?) injecting subtle imagery tied to the Illuminati, the oft-buzzed about, 18th century secret society jostling for world domination,” Radar Online reported on Wednesday. “In the card, shot by renown photographer David LaChapelle, a pair of pyramids, each with an eye on its’ top — iconography associated with the Illuminati — lurk in the background.”


While Kim previously denied any affiliation to the organization earlier this year, asking fans, “What is the illuminate?” she and the rest of the Kardashians seemed to have made it a point to include it in the photo. “A religion?…I’m a Christian,” she said at the time. “A cult?…not into that sorry!”

Other notable objects in the scene include an ATM, a lit-up dollar sign, a Bruce-covered Wheaties box, and a graffiti photo of Kendall Jenner.

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