The Governor Is Back and ‘Walking Dead’ Fans Couldn’t Be Happier

The Governor

The Governor is back. Many fans of The Walking Dead were glad to see Rick and Michonne’s nemesis back in the last minute of Sunday’s episode, and for good reason.

Although the former evil ruler of Woodbury, played by handsome British actor David Morrissey, is the bad guy, and ultimately wants Rick and the gang at the prison to die terrible deaths, he’s a huge favorite among fans.

Now that he’s back, The Governor, whose real name is Phillip, will likely change the direction of season four.

This would be the perfect time for Phillip to strike. The group is hurting, and their numbers are low. (Thanks a lot Carol!)

While the gang is busy fighting the enemy within the prison (the flu-like virus killing survivors) and the walkers that continue to tear down the fences, good ole Phil may be plotting to take down the prison when the group isn’t expecting it.

So, with all the hate Phil is spewing at our favorite group of zombie apocalypse survivors, why do fans love him so much? 

It’s simple. A villain is a necessary piece of the puzzle when it comes to delivering drama. We need to have someone to hate just as much as the characters need someone to challenge them.

Television is full of villains who cause trouble for our favorite characters and TV would be no fun without them.

Just like bullies in real-life, villains provide our TV counterparts with a larger than life challenge to work through. Not to mention it’s so fun to watch our beloved characters take down the bad guys!

While many Walking Dead fans love The Gov., they might not want to get too attached to the idea of him being back. It’s been widely rumored that the creepy, eye patched, villain will die sometime this season, and pretty much everyone would love to take a crack at him.

Rick, Daryl, and Glen all have ample reason to kill him, but it should be Michonne who takes his life.

Michonne’s been planning her revenge on Phillip since last season, and after he caused her best friend Andrea’s death in the season three finale, she wants to take him down more than ever!

Besides, our favorite sword wielding butt-kicker has been working hard tracking the bad guy and dreaming of using her gigantic blade to “cut him in two.” She deserves that much, right?

Whether fans love to see what kind of chaos he’ll cause, or just love to hate him, one thing is for sure, The Governor is like the Miley Cyrus of The Walking Dead — everyone’s talking about him.

Were you glad to see The Governor back on The Walking Dead? Do you think Michonne will finally get her revenge? Leave your comments below.

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