The Emotional Rainbow of Robin Williams (As Told in GIFs)

Ben Mueller | Oct 30, 2013

Robin Williams

You’ll be happy to know that CBS’s new comedy The Crazy Ones doesn’t star depressing Good Will Hunting Robin Williams, but instead Good Morning, Vietnam/Patch Adams/Mrs. Doubtfire/Every Other Zany Robin Williams Role Robin Williams!

The show (alternatively titled Mad Men: The Silly Version) follows Simon Roberts (Williams), an eccentric and wildly successful ad exec out of Chicago who’s trying to get his creative mojo back. With support from Sarah Michelle Gellar as Roberts’s daughter and James Wolk as a copywriter (ahem… MAD MEN), the comedy is better than you’d expect, a little edgy by CBS standards, and chock-full of the elongated ad campaign metaphors that we’ve all come to love (because what is consumer manipulation really all about? Family).

In his first regular television role since Mork & Mindy, Robin Williams does what Robin Williams does best: rocket through the entire gamut of human emotion in the blink of an eye (So inappropriate! So out of place! And he talks so fast!). All of us at CableTV have been reminded of why we love him, so allow us to take you through his entire emotional rainbow.


Utter Anger




Total Fear



we have a past now its tense gif Robin Williams The Crazy Ones Imgur


Sass Like No One’s Business



aladdin (234) Animated Gif on Giphy


And Critical Sass.



llipschitz (13) Animated Gif on Giphy

















whew just right gif Robin Williams The Crazy Ones Imgur 






And Complete Intelligence

What is your personal favorite phase of Robin Williams? Leave yours below!

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