“The Big Bang Theory” Gets a “Star Wars” Day Special: “Stars Wars” Moments From Season 7

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“The Big Bang Theory” is about to celebrate “Star Wars” in a really big way.

Don’t worry – the “Big Bang” gang isn’t going to remind sci-fi fans of the travesty that was the “Star Wars Holiday Special” by dressing like Wookiees and throwing a Life Day party. Instead the guys and gals are going to take us back to that galaxy far, far away by recreating the planet Dagobah and celebrating “Star Wars” Day.

According to “The Hollywood Reporter,” “The Big Bang Theory” teamed up with Lucasfilm for the TV special, set to air May 1. This date falls a few days before “Star Wars” Day, the geeky holiday born when clever “Star Wars” fans realized how much “May the fourth” sounds like “May the force.” Now “May the fourth be with you” is a popular “Star Wars” Day greeting.

The May 1 episode, “The Proton Transmogrification,” and it will see the return of Professor Proton (Bob Newhart). It sounds like the poor Professor will be have to put up with too much Sheldon (Jim Parsons) once again as he plays the Yoda to Sheldon’s Luke. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Sheldon “is guided by visions of his childhood idol and mentor” in the “Star Wars” Day episode.

Lucasfilm helped to recreate the swampy Dagobah setting where Master Yoda taught Luke Skywalker to use the force, and Bob Newhart got to live out a dream of geeks everywhere by swinging around a real lightsaber (this is a bigger honor than winning an Emmy, right?). Professor Proton better be careful with Sheldon – he just might turn to the dark side. He has already tried to use Darth Vader’s death choke on multiple people, and he did start building his own Death Star. Luckily, it was just LEGO.

“Star Wars” has been referenced countless times on “The Big Bang Theory,” so it’s about time that fans got a “Star Wars” Day special. In honor of this amazing news, let’s take a look back at some of the best “Star Wars” references of season 7:

Penny doesn’t want to be a “Star Wars” star

In “The Hesitation Ramification” (episode 12), Penny (Kaley Cuoco) is upset about her part getting cut from “NCIS.” Leonard (Johnny Galecki) tries to help her out by scoring her an audition in the next “Star Wars” movie, but it turns out that the “audition” is really just a contest for fans. Penny is not amused when Leonard tries to compare her shot at scoring the part to Luke Skywalker’s shot at taking out the Death Star, and she doesn’t create an audition tape. However, Howard (Simon Helberg) tries his luck by telling the “Star Wars” producers that they can cast a real astronaut in the movie. Unfortunately, his audition tape includes a conversation with Bernadette (Melissa Rauch) about running out of toilet paper.

Vacation time it is. Relax now you must.

In “The Occupation Recalibration” (episode 13), Sheldon isn’t happy about the university forcing him to use his vacation days. Penny tries to help him relax by getting him to do yoga with her, but he only agrees because he thought she said “Yoda” (shouldn’t Yoda yoga be a thing?). Sheldon actually knows quite a bit about the ancient practice – he’s looking forward to learning to use his genitals to suck in water like a master yogi (well, he actually wants to use this skill to “drink” a milkshake).

Help Shelly, James Earl Jones. You’re his only hope.

In “The Convention Conundrum” (episode 14), Sheldon wants to start his own comic book convention after failing to score ComicCon tickets. While searching for celebrity panelists, he actually manages to track down Darth Vader voice James Earl Jones. After having a deep conversation about the “Star Wars” movies, James plays a Jedi teacher of sorts. However, instead of helping Sheldon learn how to use the Force, he teaches him how to have fun by going to a carnival, doing “The Lion King” karaoke, visiting a strip club, and harassing Carrie Fisher. This was a fun episode, but it’s a shame that James wasn’t saved for the “Star Wars” Day special.

Who knew C-3PO was pals with Conky 2000?

“The Friendship Turbulence” (episode 17) is great because we finally learn that Sheldon is such a meanie to poor Howie because of something that happened when they first met. According to Mr. Cooper, he’s never forgiven Wolowitz for joking that he looked like a cross between C-3P0 and Pee-Wee Herman: C-3Pee-Wee Herman. It’s incredible how spot-on this observation is, but instead of holding a grudge, Sheldon should have stood up for himself a decade ago by firing back. He could have countered by saying that Howard looks like a cross between Jar Jar Binks and Ringo Starr: Starr Starr Binks (Bazinga!).

Ready are you for the “Star Wars” Day special?

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