The Best TV Crossovers That Never Existed But Should

Dr Who and Sherlock Holmes

For avid TV viewers, the characters of your favorite TV shows become like old friends. You know their quirks and what will set them off, and you can’t wait to hear about their latest adventures. And just like with real (nonfictional) friends, sometimes you want to introduce one group of friends to the other.

More than just a “what if?” scenario, TV crossovers can add depth and new directions to your favorite show. Though they don’t always make sense (Murder, She Wrote and Magnum, P.I.?), television crossovers can be great fun. So which TV crossovers hold the most potential for our viewing pleasure? Here are a few we’d like to see.

Doctor Who and Sherlock


This is an obvious choice, considering Steven Moffat is the executive producer of Doctor Who and co-creator of Sherlock. Both characters are generally unflappable, eccentric, and thoroughly British (even though the Doctor is from Gallifrey). What better way to explain Sherlock’s survival after leaping off the roof in the season two finale? The Doctor in the TARDIS must have appeared just in time to save him! And who better than the great detective himself to help the Doctor solve the mystery of new companion, Clara Oswald?

Monk and Psych

Monk and Psych

This pairing would most likely be a disaster—and we’d love every minute of it. It wouldn’t take Monk long to figure out Shawn isn’t actually psychic, and Shawn would definitely put the act on like never before to get under Monk’s skin (which is pretty easy at the best of times). Shawn’s best friend Gus would find plenty to like in Monk, and the two would probably get along very well. That’ll leave Shawn mighty jealous and spur him to further annoying antics. Meanwhile, Natalie (Monk’s second assistant) and Jules (Shawn’s love interest) would sit back and watch it all unfold.

Big Bang Theory and Freaks and Geeks

Big Bang Theory - Freaks and Geeks

Okay, maybe I am looking for an excuse to see my other favorite geeks back on the silver screen. Sam, Neal, and Bill working alongside physicists Sheldon and Leonard might be a bit of a stretch. But can’t you see them all arguing about Star Trek trivia or attending Comic Con together dressed as their favorite superheroes? The world might not be ready for this much geekiness in one place.

The Mindy Project and Parks and Recreation

The Mindy Project and Parks and Recreation

These two hilarious shows hold the promise of three amazing pairings. Tom Haverford and Mindy Lahiri both love fashion, celebrities, and the finer things in life. Can you imagine a Tom and Mindy “Treat Yo Self” day? And just the thought of Andy and Morgan in the same room makes me break out in fits of laughter. But above all, Ron Swanson and Danny Castellano, two of the manliest men on television, would certainly have plenty to talk about. Or not. They might just give each other a very masculine nod of respect and understanding.

TV crossovers are definitely fun to imagine and think about. What shows and characters, past and present, would you love to see in a crossover?

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