The Best Food Moments From Season 4 of “The Walking Dead”

The Walking Dead Food

The walkers and cannibals weren’t the only ones who were hungry on “The Walking Dead” this season.

During season four, the survivors didn’t just have to worry about being eaten; they had to worry about finding food to eat. Food was given a much larger role this season, and Rick noted this in the finale when he asked Michonne, “Have you noticed that’s all we talk about anymore: food?”

The search for sustenance often led to some very poignant moments, so here’s a look back at the best food moments in season four.

In Memoriam: Spaghetti Tuesdays

Episode: “Internment”

Let’s start back at the prison, where the survivors still had a store of provisions to keep their bellies full. During a meeting of the prison council, lovable ol’ Hershel made a funny about food in hopes of raising the spirits of Tamara and Glenn. They were both trying to fight a deadly flu with nothing more than the farmer’s elderberry tea remedy, so they definitely needed some Hershel humor to lighten the mood. He told his fellow council members they needed to come up with some new rules while they were quarantined, and he announced his first order of business. “I hereby declare we have Spaghetti Tuesday every Wednesday, he quipped. “First we have to find some spaghetti.” I wonder how many fans of “The Walking Dead” have Spaghetti Tuesday on Wednesday to honor Hershel?

Carl Keeps “Pudding” His Life in Danger

Episode: “After”

Poor Carl so desperately wanted Rick to start treating him like a man during “After,” and Rick’s constant failure to do so led to Carl invoking Shane’s name and defiantly refusing to eat a bag of pork rinds. After venting his frustrations by yelling at his unconscious father about how he could survive without him, Carl decided to venture out on a supply run all by his lonesome. Of course he almost died (again), but he was awarded with a pretty awesome prize for not becoming zombie chum: a 112 oz. can of pudding. Carl was so badass he didn’t even consider sharing a drop of it with his dear ol’ dad.

However, Bill Cosby will be proud to know the show provided proof that pudding is pretty powerful stuff. Carl finally realized he still cared about his father after downing seven pounds the sweet stuff. The hashtag #pudding also trended for hours on Twitter after Carl had his celebratory snack.

Michonne and Carl’s Culinary Adventures

Episodes: “Claimed” and “Us”

Michonne and Carl share a very sweet bond, and many of their best moments involve food. At the beginning of “Claimed,” poor Carl tried to eat his cereal with water, which led to a joking argument with Michonne about the taste of soy milk. We found out Carl can handle pounds of pudding, but just one sip of soy milk can make him puke. Unfortunately, the great milk debate soured right after Carl delivered this line: “I would rather have powdered milk than to have to drink that stuff again. I would rather have Judith’s formula…” He immediately got down in the dumps after thinking about his missing sister, so Michonne tried to cheer him by creating another trending Twitter topic/internet meme – she filled her mouth with Crazy Cheese and did her best walker-eating-guts impression. However, this probably made poor Carl feel worse by making him wish that the walkers craved Crazy Cheese instead of babies.

Carl was in better spirits by the “Us” episode. Michonne strengthened her bond with the boy by using junk food once again; she made a bet with Carl that she could balance on the railroad tracks longer than he could. Carl won the bet, and his prize was his choice of candy bars. Of course he chose Michonne’s favorite “Big Cat” bar instead of the yuck-o “Cruncho.” However, he did share a piece of it with her, and this sweet-as-candy moment made Rick crack a small smile.

“White Trash Brunch” and Daryl’s Strawberry

Episodes: “Alone” and “Us”

Daryl and Beth were fully bonded by the episode “Alone,” and Daryl got to celebrate opening up a bit more emotionally at their temporary funeral parlor home. He scored big time by discovering a “white trash brunch” that consisted of peanut butter, diet soda and pickled pigs’ feet. Daryl “claimed” the pigs’ feet (foreshadowing!), but proved that he was one of the good ones by leaving some of the food for its owner. It was a feel-good moment when Bethyl enjoyed their spoils, but sadly this was their last supper in the home of the creepy guy who was keeping himself entertained by giving corpses makeovers.

After losing Beth, poor Daryl teamed up with the Claimers. However, he didn’t feel much like claiming until the group’s leader, Joe, ruled in Daryl’s favor during a dispute over a rabbit carcass. Daryl finally started following Joe’s simple rules by claiming a strawberry plant, making it seem like the redneck was finally an official member of their crew. However, Rick later “claimed” Joe’s jugular and got his brother back.

Deer Nuts

Episode: “The Grove”

It was fitting that Carol, Tyreese, Mika, and Lizzie were surviving on nuts as what happened with their story line was completely nuts. However, the group did get a few lighthearted moments before all hell broke loose. They looked like a normal family sitting around the living room cracking pecans, and Carol cracked this joke while out deer hunting with Tyreese, “What’s the difference between beer nuts and deer nuts? Beer nuts are $1.79. Deer nuts are just under a buck.” Fortunately for the deer, it got to keep its testicles.

Now you can have fun creating a menu incorporating all these foods. How about peanut butter pecan cereal clumps as an appetizer, spaghetti with pigs’ feet and Crazy Cheese sauce for dinner, and pudding with strawberries and candy bar crumbles for dessert?

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