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  • Tanner

    Fascinating insights. I’m not really sure what to think, to be honest. Though it seems to me that violence on TV isn’t nearly as bad as many people would have us believe.

  • Karl

    I think violence is in our genes. We need it to survive… or at least we did. However just because within the last several thousand years we suddenly start accidentally over-developing empathy doesn’t mean that billions of years of heartless violence is just going to disappear. We have to come to grips with what we are ( best killing machines on the planet hence our role as the pinnacle of the food chain). If religion has taught us anything its that suppressing innate feelings just creates ticking time bombs. Violence in the media is a good glimpse for children so that they can explore themselves and their desires. However, good socializing counterbalances their desires for violence and creates a highly informed well balanced individual who understands himself/ herself more than your suppressed version. I also agree in that violent media provides a good venting method for pent up emotions. Much like when as a child I was encouraged to punch a pillow when upset. Nowadays pillows are made out of circuits. Im no neurologist or chemist but I stand by violence in games and television.