The 4 Bad Girls of TV You Secretly Want to Be


We love to hate these three bad girls of TV. You may curse your TV screen at their wicked ways, but deep down, admit it, you want to be just like them, at least sometimes. This group gives being bad a good name, whether through style, sharp wit, toughness, or the occasional endearing act.

1. Gemma from “Sons of Anarchy”

Katey Sagal plays one mean motorcycle mama on one of the hottest shows on TV today. Motorcycle gangs may be a man’s world, but Gemma pulls the strings more than any man on the show. And she does it with leather chic. From day one we knew she was bad to the bone, slipping a syringe of heroin to her former daughter-in-law in the hospital to try to convince her to hitch a ride into the great hereafter. Then several seasons later, Gemma’s the one reaching out to save her from her addiction and get her back into rehab.

Make up your mind would ya?

Gemma is one of those maddening characters whose sass you admire and occasional tenderness makes you want to love her. But then she turns around and does something utterly heinous. One minute she’s telling the tough female DA to “Lick my white crack,” and the next she’s stabbing her daughter-in-law in the head with an oversized kitchen fork.

2. Fiona from “American Horror Story: Coven”

First of all, no matter what a character does, how can you not love anyone played by Jessica Lange? The divine Miss Lange has brought her special touch of good and evil to each season of this unique show. In Season 1 she played a somewhat demented Southern belle in Los Angeles; in Season 2 she played the conflicted Sister Jude in the asylum; but for Season 3, Lange has put on the tour de force as the Supreme in a coven of witches in New Orleans.

She’s far more wicked than that western witch in Oz at times, but poor Fiona is struggling with losing her power, her beauty and even her life as she faces cancer. That draws some sympathy from us, and when she goes on the attack with the local voodoo priestess, you have to admire her determination and class in presenting a brave face.

She can cut you as sharply with her words that she can with her knife, such as when she told the son-in-law she loathes, “I suggest you leave while you still can, Jughead.” She floats like a butterfly and stings like a bee.

3. Pam from “True Blood”

If you’re one of the masses suffering from saccharine overload on the goody-two-shoes heroine, Sookie, in “True Blood,” the show provides the perfect antidote: Pam. This vampire’s got style, class, and she’ll kick your butt, in stylish stiletto pumps no less. She delivers her sardonic wit with a southern drawl and often says exactly what we’re thinking, albeit in a much funnier way.

Pam relishes being bad, and when Bill comments how he doubts whether she was ever human, she replies “Thank you” and kicks poor Jessica into a grave. But for all her coldness and her endless string of male and female lovers, Pam has one weak spot–her vampire maker Eric.

When she cries those tears of blood we know she has a heart in there somewhere, even if it’s cold as ice.

4. Debra from “Dexter”

Debra Morgan endeared herself to us with that awful potty mouth of hers and a vulnerable toughness. She was loud, promiscuous and found herself dragged down into her brothers’ crimes at the end, but it was impossible not to love her.

One of her funniest moments was when her partner and boss arrived one morning to find her with photos all over the floor of her office, trying to figure out a particular case. As she manically brainstormed her theory to them, crouching around the floor to various pictures, they asked her if had had a lot of coffee. “A metric [BLEEP] ton,” she replied.

Debra dropped the f-bomb constantly and always put on a tough face, but when push came to shove, she deeply cared about serving justice and the people around her. Finding out her brother was a serial killer tore her apart even more than finding out her fiancée was a serial killer, as well.

Sure, she shot Laguardia, the woman who had become her female role model despite their rocky professional relationship. But her grief-stricken reaction (sobbing over her body) showed her moral compass was still intact, if somewhat damaged by necessity.

What other bad girls of TV do you secretly adore?

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