“Teen Mom” to Return for Season 5 Without Farrah Abraham


Reports came out this week of “Teen Mom” returning to MTV for a fifth season. But this new season reportedly won’t be the same as past seasons.

Although Catelynn Lowell, Maci Bookout and Amber Portwood are reportedly in talks with MTV to resume filming on the series nearly two years after its fourth season wrapped, Farrah Abraham has allegedly been fired.

“[MTV] willingly cut Farrah” from the series after the other three ladies refused to sign on if she was involved, a source told Us Weekly on Wednesday. “MTV agreed. They feel she set a bad example and doesn’t represent the network well.”

After wrapping filming on “Teen Mom” in 2012, Abraham went on to have quite the eventful 2013.

In March 2013, following a St. Patrick’s Day celebration with friends, Abraham was arrested on suspicion of DUI after she reportedly almost hit a police car. At the time of the arrest, Abraham blew a .147 on the breathalyzer, which was nearly twice the legal limit in Nebraska, where the incident took place. Because of the ordeal, Abraham was eventually placed on probation and banned from alcohol for six months.

One month later, reports claimed Abraham had made a sex tape, and just weeks later, she confirmed the news, announcing that she had sold the tape, titled “Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom,” to Vivid Entertainment.

Of making the film, Abraham stated that it was done for her personal use and not originally meant to be sold. In one particular interview, she explained that she simply wanted to have memories of her “awesome body” on tape.

“A lot of my girlfriends who are back home have done personal sexy shots, sexual videos, feminine things showing their sexuality and being happy for themselves,” Abraham recalled of her thought process. “Here I am the same age or younger as most of my friends, and I’m like ‘Why am I not [as] happy with myself as they are? Why am I not doing this for me?'”

Once her sex tape was released, Abraham embarked on a nationwide tour, promoting the film in nightclubs and at adult entertainment expos from California to Florida, and everywhere in between. After the tour came to an end, Abraham went public, claiming to have been drugged and raped while promoting the tape. However, when Vivid offered her $1 million to prove her claims with a lie detector test, she refused.

Later in 2013, Abraham was chosen to appear on VH1’s “Couple’s Therapy.” Just weeks before she was announced as part of the cast, Abraham went public with an alleged relationship with DJ Brian Dawe. But when she arrived to film the show, Dawe backed out, claiming he and Abraham were never really a couple and only acting as such in an effort to get cast on the show, thus furthering their respective careers. Although Abraham still appeared on the show, she did so alone, which led to backlash from both her co-stars and her fans.

In 2014, a sequel to her sex tape was released and shortly thereafter, Abraham announced that she was working on a set of books, titled “Celebrity Sex Tape: In The Making.”

Since 2013, Abraham’s fanbase has changed entirely. While she has surely gained fans from her sex tape, she’s lost fans as well. For those who have watched her on “Teen Mom,” seeing her make such a mockery of herself has been extremely disappointing. From the outside looking in, it appears that she has become obsessed with fame, constantly searching for her next role (and having no standards for what that may be), while forgetting her most important role of all: mom.

At the end of the day, Abraham is a mother and all that she has done in the last couple of years is going to still be around as Sophia, 5, gets older. Has she thought of what Sophia will face as a teen when all of her friends discover who her mother is and what she’s done? Has she thought about the example she’s setting for Sophia? Probably not.

If “Teen Mom” does return, MTV would be making the right choice in leaving Abraham out of the project. The show was created to educate young people about unplanned pregnancy and what it can lead to, and it’s important to keep that in mind. At this point, Abraham’s public perception is too far gone, so having her on the show would likely damage both the series and possibly the network.

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