“Teen Mom 3″ Cancelled After Just One Season — But Why?


Teen Mom 3 has been canceled.

After just one season on MTV, Mackenzie Douthit, Alexandria Sekella, Briana Dejesus, and Katie Yeager have said goodbye to the show and to fans, which has left everyone wondering what led the network to make such a decision.

During its run, the series captured an average of 1.36 million viewers per regular season episode, with a low of 1.1 million and a high of 1.8 million (the show’s premiere episode), which is very low and over one million less than the second installment of the franchise and nearly two million less than the first.

Although the show seems to have gotten canned because of their lackluster ratings, there may have been more to it, at least that’s what fans say.

On social media, after Saturday’s announcement, chatter began regarding Mackenzie’s second pregnancy and whether or not it was the cause of the show’s cancellation. MTV’s purpose in documenting these girls’ lives to fans is to prevent teenage pregnancy and Mackenzie choosing to have another child seems to be in direct conflict. Are teens really going to be convinced that teenage pregnancy is a bad thing when they are watching a teen mom get pregnant for a second time? Probably not, but that doesn’t mean that Mackenzie caused the network to opt out of season 2. After all, second pregnancies from cast members have happened before.

On the series’ second installment, Teen Mom 2, both Leah Calvert and Kail Lowry got pregnant for a second time. In fact, Leah got pregnant a third time (one pregnancy resulted in a miscarriage). However, they were older than Mackenzie. At the time daughter, Adalynn Faith, was born, Leah was two months shy of her 21st birthday, and when Kail welcomed her second son, Lincoln Marshall Marroquin, she was 21. Mackenzie, who is currently pregnant with her second child and due in February, turned 19 in October.

While a second pregnancy doesn’t exactly go along with the purpose of the show, it doesn’t seem to be reason enough for the cancellation. In this case, it seems to have more to do with the ratings, but because MTV has yet to speak out on the issue, it’s hard to say for sure.

Of the cancellation, Mackenzie said on Twitter that she was “shocked,” Katie told fans she was “grateful for this experience” but ready to “live a normal life,” and Briana said she was “glad I was given a chance to share my story and change others!”

Alexandria was more blunt, hinting that she and the rest of the girls didn’t have enough drama to keep the network invested. “Guess we weren’t enough of train wrecks for it to be interesting,” she wrote. “America wants to watch crazies.”

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