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  1. 12 Words That Have a Different Meaning on “The Walking Dead”

    Treva Bowdoin

    Fans of “The Walking Dead” fans have created a frightening new definition for the word “termite.” To most folks these hungry critters are just pests that like to snack on…

  2. Everything I Need to Know About Life I Learned From “The Walking Dead”

    Diana Price

    When the creators of “The Walking Dead” launched the series, they probably had no idea how one little zombie apocalypse show would catch like wildfire, sweeping the country and shattering…

  3. Experience ‘The Walking Dead’ alongside the Premiere

    Lisa Fowler

    The Walking Dead Zombiefied

    It was a cold day in January when we, here at CableTV, asked our Facebook fans which show they would most like to have an infographic about. We were making…

  4. 5 Survival Rules To Follow Should Walkers Become a Reality

    Jae Curtis

    Fact: Zombie shows are pretty much the biggest thing since sliced, er, brains. Also fact: While they’re entertaining, they could also hold the key to your survival during an actual…