Articles tagged "video"

  1. The Seussing Dead: ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 3 Recap, Dr. Seuss Style

    Emiah Gardner

    Dr. Seuss The Walking Dead

    While you all wait with bated breath in anticipation for the Season 4 premier of The Walking Dead on October 4th, the team over at Cinefix has recently released a…

  2. Breaking Bad Returned With Record Ratings And Got a Frank Sinatra Mashup

    Emiah Gardner

    Breaking Bad Mashup

    Breaking Bad is having a great week. The AMC hit show premiered the first of its final episodes on Sunday with more than 5.9 million viewers tuning in. While we…

  3. Your Guide to Everything Shark Week – The Worst Week To Be a Seal

    Jess Hutton

    It’s here! We wait all year – with baited breath – for these six days. A week of spine-tingling thrills, razor-sharp videography, and snarky commentary. It’s Shark Week on Discovery!…

  4. NBC Sports’ New Hit Show is A Freaking Commercial

    Jess Hutton

    There’s football, and then there’s football and futbol. They’re spelled alike. They have a similar premise. So why couldn’t an American football coach coach a British football team? There may…

  5. The Walking Dead Review: Harlem Shake Edition

    Emiah Gardner

    Last nights episode of The Walking Dead – Harlem Shake Remix “Save the bullets for the real threat,” says Andrea. When it comes to living in the zombie apocalypse, there…

  6. Old fashioned TV or internet TV? Why not both, says Dan Wieden.


    Television is changing, everyone can see that. But does that mean that television many of us have come to know and love is going away? Absolutely not. This great interview…

  7. How much does a 30 second TV ad cost? (Video infographic)


    Did you know that in the United States a 30 second television ad on a Wednesday night averages between $64,000 and $502,900, depending on the network. That’s a lot of…