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  1. 11 Most Artistic Title Sequences on TV

    Lisa Fowler

    We’re back! It’s been a while since we posted. We’ve got some changes nearing us and we’re super excited, and we’ll tell you later. Until then, we will be posting…

  2. What the hell is wrong with TVs?


    We love TV. In America alone, more than 60% of households who own a TV have at least three in the home. Of the US households that have a broadband…

  3. A graphic of what size your TV should be.


    Did you know that there’s an equation you can use to calculate the perfect size of TV for anywhere in your house? It’s true! And this small graphic shows you…

  4. What would it take to never see another TV in your life?


    Have you ever wondered what you’d have to do in order to avoid seeing a television for the rest of your life? Neither had I, but there’s a first time…

  5. 118 Infographics About TV.


    When it comes to cable TV: there are a lot of channels and technology available. Thankfully hundreds of people around the world have taken the time to create informational graphics…

  6. Against the odds, TV and the internet can actually be good for your social life.


    In the center of a dimly-lit, small-theater sized room, a group of strangers surrounded me as we all watched the season premiere of a new, fairly popular cable TV show. Impressed…

  7. How Storytelling on TV is Changing.


    Technology is changing, and with it the stories we see and tell on TV are changing too. But what exactly do the changes we’re seeing mean for storytelling in entertainment?…

  8. TV Deathmatch: Cable or Internet?


    More than a year ago Matthew Lasar wrote a great article looking into which technology – at the time – was likely to fail faster: cable TV or internet video….

  9. When's the Best Time to Buy a TV?


    There’s no denying it: TVs are expensive. Even if you can find a good TV sale you’re still likely to fork out between $600 and $1,000 for a decently-sized HD…

  10. The First Step to Digital Media Management?


    It used to be that you would store your movie collection in a drawer or on a shelf next to your TV. Now days things are quite a bit different….