Articles tagged "TV technology"

  1. Prime-Time Ratings See Boost With DVR Numbers: What That Means For Advertisers


    All television networks gauge their show’s popularity through a system of ratings. Prime-time ratings are important because advertisers pay a premium to buy time to pitch products during a show…

  2. How the TV Industry is Changed Forever by Tech Gadgets

    Ellie Stone

    The things Gen-Xers remember as second nature to the TV industry — prime time, cliffhangers, hours wasted in front of “the idiot box” — Millennials may not remember at all….

  3. How Does OLED TV Technology Work?

    Nick Pedersen

    The 2013 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) revealed and showcased the latest TV technologies. This year, the focus was on the latest HDTV evolution: OLED TV. This new technology is the…