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  1. Comedy Shows To Stick With This Summer



    The opening scene of Mad Men season six showed Don Draper sitting on a Hawaiian beach reading Dante’s Inferno. I love dark, bleak drama as much as the next guy,…

  2. How Twitter Felt About The Season 6 Premier of True Blood

    Emiah Gardner


    Sunday nights season 6 premier of True Blood brought back elements of the show fans love and introduced a few that fans are clearly going to love to hate. Twitter…

  3. Arrested Development: The Future of Fan-Influenced Programming?

    Leah Burrows

    The moment has come. Finally, rabid fans of TV get a say in what goes on the air. No more do we have to sit on the couch and wonder…

  4. Is A Female Doctor Who Not Good Enough

    Leah Burrows

    All of the Doctor Who actors

    Let the debate begin. Matt Smith announced his retirement from the titular role of Doctor Who less than a week ago, and already the Internet is swirling with speculation about…

  5. The Absolute Worst Reality TV Shows of All Time

    Jae Curtis

    Some reality shows are a lot like trainwrecks—devastatingly awful, but you still can’t peel your eyes away. While there might be some room for debate, I’ll give shows like The…

  6. Kristin Lehman Talks With us About Her Role on Hit Show – Motive


    Canadian actress Kristin Lehman sat down with CableTV to discuss her departure from AMC’s The Killing and her new role as Detective Angie Flynn in Motive. The most watched debut…

  7. Biggest Game of Thrones Shockers and What to Expect Next Season

    Jae Curtis

    Game of Thrones Red Wedding

    In one of the most shocking episodes of the show to date, the lead-up to the Game of Thrones finale had fans all a-twitter. Thousands took to social media to…

  8. The Best TV Crossovers That Never Existed But Should

    Patty Castillo

    Dr Who and Sherlock Holmes

    For avid TV viewers, the characters of your favorite TV shows become like old friends. You know their quirks and what will set them off, and you can’t wait to…

  9. RIP: 5 Shows That Will Surely Be Missed

    Jae Curtis

    Happy Endings Cast

    The worst part of being an avid TV-watcher is getting into a show only to have it mercilessly cancelled by a network. You don’t care if your favorite cast is…

  10. Rookie Blue’s Peter Mooney Talks About His Role on Rookie Blue Season 4


    Canadian actor Peter Mooney discusses his role as new cop Nick Collins on Rookie Blue in an exclusive CableTV interview. Q: What was your take on the season three finale,…