Articles tagged "TV shows"

  1. The Life of a TV Show: from Pilot to Finale

    Lisa Fowler

    If I mentioned summertime and pitches in the same sentence you might assume that I’m talking about baseball, and most of the time that would be a logical assumption. In…

  2. How Much Would It Cost To Take an Internet TV Show And Air It On Cable TV?

    Lisa Fowler

    When it comes to TV production, it’s all about the Benjamins. While directors and producers definitely want to entertain their audience and pull big ratings, it’s only to attract new…

  3. Does Binge Viewing Have an Effect on Your Brain?

    Emiah Gardner

    The Prevalence of Binge Viewing and its Effects on Your Brain TV binge-watching isn’t a new phenomenon. Shutting out the world for a long weekend of small screen companionship has…

  4. Why are Premium Channel Shows So Good?

    Emiah Gardner

    Real life isn’t censored. It’s complicated, gritty, beautiful, perplexing, sad, and tragic at times. These things can’t be helped because we are living, breathing beings with strong emotions and feelings,…

  5. Prepare To Get Hooked: 5 British Shows Now Available On U.S. Streaming Services

    Emiah Gardner

    Many Americans have a taste for British television. In fact, we can’t seem to get enough. When Prince William got married, 23 million of us got up early in the…

  6. Does Switching Networks Spell The End for TV Shows?

    Aaron Eldredge

    They’re called Network Jumpers—shows that switch networks while still in syndication.  Why do TV shows switch networks? Does network jumping  usually spell the end for a show, or is there…

  7. What Kind of Person Watches Reality TV?

    Emiah Gardner

    Your mom may have once told you that watching TV would rot your brain, but she probably never imagined the likes of Jersey Shore and Keeping Up with the Kardashians….

  8. 5 Shows You Probably Aren’t Watching but Should Be

    Emiah Gardner

    Between work, family, and trying to have some semblance of a social life, most of us only have a few moments each day to call our own before we’re hitting…

  9. Free What's on TV Tonight widget!


    Have you ever wondered what’s on TV during the week? Of course you have, at least once or twice. To find out what’s on TV you have to usually flip…

  10. Why TV Comedies Help Make the Medicine Go Down.


    Television can be both entertaining and educational, depending on what you watch. Though, sometimes, watching TV can be only about getting away from your life and into another’s, if only…