Articles tagged "TV shows"

  1. Catfish Season 2 Drama More Real and Relatable Than Ever

    Teresa Reilly

    Aaron is a lonely, overweight young man who lacks confidence and struggles to make friends. He takes to the Internet and creates a profile on Facebook because he just wants…

  2. Tara Reid is Going To Help SyFy Take A Bite Out of The “Shark Week” Franchise

    Tom Rose


    The Discovery Channel owns Shark Week and has for more than 20 years now. So, how does Syfy intend to take a bite out of the franchise? One day at…

  3. How Twitter Feels About Debs Downward Spiral on #Dexter

    Emiah Gardner


    Last night’s episode of Dexter featured a self-destructive, drug addled Deb. If the previews are any indication, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Throughout Season 8, viewers can…

  4. Man of Steel: Better on The Small Screen?

    Jae Curtis

    With the release of Man of Steel—it hit theaters on June 14—viewers are wondering if director Zack Snyder can give Clark Kent the kind of revival that Bruce Wayne and…

  5. 5 Terrible Series Finales We Hope Breaking Bad Learned From

    Jae Curtis

    Executing a proper series finale is an art. While “happily ever after” might not be required, viewers want to know what happens to their favorite characters.The Secret Life of the…

  6. The Very Best of Breaking Bad Fan Art

    Emiah Gardner


    Breaking Bad writers most definitely know how to keep fans on the edge of their seat and coming back for more meth fueled drama every week. While Twitter, Facebook are…

  7. Four Fall TV Shows You Will Soon Call Your Favorite

    Jae Curtis

    SuperFunNight (1)

    With the major networks clearing the dead weight from their schedules, there’s room for promising new shows. But in the cutthroat world of prime-time, it’s sink-or-swim for any new series…

  8. What TV Show Should You Watch Next?

    Lisa Fowler


    We’ve all been there; that inevitable moment when we finish the finale episode of our favorite show. As you sit down the following evening, there is one question that comes…

  9. Twitter’s Mixed Reactions About Paula Deen’s Today Show Appearance

    Emiah Gardner

    In an effort to clear her name, regain fan favor and maybe get her job back on the Food Network, Paula Deen’s apology media blitz is just getting started. This…

  10. Do You Have What It Takes To Do Your Favorite TV Characters Job?

    Patty Castillo


    TV show characters always seem to have the best jobs. Doctors, lawyers, writers, scientists, paper salesmen (well, maybe not). And while we understand we’re watching very idealized versions of these…