Articles tagged "TV shows"

  1. Why Would James Frano Want To Be Roasted – Seth Rogen Named Roadmaster

    Jae Curtis

    In one of the biggest modern roastings of all time, James Franco is set to hit the Friars Club to be skewered by a panel of his peers on September…

  2. Comedy Central Banks on Drunk History, Gives Reality TV a Realistic Twist

    Teresa Reilly

    Start with Jack Black as Elvis acting out the slurred words of comedian Eric Edelstein explaining just a piece of Washington DC history and you have the season premiere of…

  3. MTV VMAs 2013 Will Feature Miley Cyrus Doing This & Here are The Nominees

    Kimberly Ripley

    On August 25, the MTV Video Music Awards 2013 will air live out of Brooklyn, New York. Some of the biggest names in music will be there, and there’ll be…

  4. Sarah Rafferty Dishes on Potential Romance with Harvey on Suits


    Sarah Rafferty plays the all-knowing Donna Paulsen on USA Network’s hit show Suits, a legal drama set in a fictional law firm. Although Donna could be considered an assistant, fans…

  5. Exclusive – Matt McGorry Talks About Guard Bennett and Calls OITNB “Complex”


      Based on a memoir written by Piper Kerman, Orange is the New Black recently premiered on Netflix and immediately outperformed high profile stablemates House of Cards and Arrested Development….

  6. Season 3 of The Walking Dead Wasn’t Supposed to End That Way

    Emiah Gardner

    Remember when we watched Milton (Dallas Roberts) turn into a walker and die during the Season 3 finale? The actor recently revealed that the final scenes between him and Andrea…

  7. Is Being Naked In Naked and Afraid Exploitative or Simply Brilliant?

    Teresa Reilly

    Two survivalists are placed in a remote and dangerous part of the world, naked and afraid. They are allowed to take one survival item and are dropped off either by…

  8. Doctor Who Finds a New Doctor in Peter Capaldi

    Emiah Gardner

    55 year old Glasgow born Peter Capaldi has officially announced his upcoming role as the new Doctor on Doctor Who, replacing out-going lead, Matt Smith. True Doctor Who fans will…

  9. 12 One-liners from Season one of “OITNB” That Make Prison Seem Kinda Fun

    Ben Mueller

    Debuting online two weeks ago, Netflix’s fifth original series Orange is the New Black had amazing first week ratings, besting the site’s previous originals House of Cards and Arrested Development….

  10. Netflix Says: Keep Your Suggestions to Yourself!

    Jess Hutton

    Netflix announced it is adding profiles so you can do just that. Each subscription will get five unique profiles, and each profile will be given recommendations based on their particular…