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Articles tagged "TV shows"

  1. America Loves Talent Shows, but They're Wearing Us Out


    Why are there so many of these shows, and why do we keep watching? Fox network is pushing Simon Cowell’s new show, “The X-Factor,” as the highlight of its fall…

  2. 2011 and beyond, is TV worth it?


    Why would anyone in their right mind have television service these days? With a basic internet connection you can access most television shows from anywhere in the world, at reasonable…

  3. Laziness or the Public Zeitgeist: Why Does the New Fall Lineup Seem So Familiar?


    Recently, ABC, NBC, and FOX have released a slew of trailers for their upcoming 2011 fall schedule. And CBS even threw in a few announcements some days later. But looking…

  4. The Benefits of Violence on TV


    Outcries about the level of violence on television and the effect that it is having on our children have been around for a long time. Generally, these outcries involve a…

  5. 13 Tips for Staying Productive While Watching Cable TV


    I like watching television, but find it hard to sit still for the duration of a show. So instead of slumping on the couch, I turn TV time into an…