Articles tagged "TV shows"

  1. The Girls Are Back In Town!

    Sarah Pike

    Our Favorite HBO Girls are Back With Better Acting Chops and Deeper Stories Remember last season, when Girls was all about, “I don’t even want a boyfriend,” and “my parents…

  2. What Kind of Person Watches Reality TV?

    Emiah Gardner

    Your mom may have once told you that watching TV would rot your brain, but she probably never imagined the likes of Jersey Shore and Keeping Up with the Kardashians….

  3. 5 Shows You Probably Aren’t Watching but Should Be

    Emiah Gardner

    Between work, family, and trying to have some semblance of a social life, most of us only have a few moments each day to call our own before we’re hitting…

  4. Was Start-Ups:Silicon Valley All That Bad?

    Emiah Gardner

    Why did Start-Ups: Silicon Valley (SUSV) fail? The easy answer is because it wasn’t good. But, you may reply, awfulness hasn’t always stopped a TV series from succeeding: Fair enough….

  5. Free What's on TV Tonight widget!


    Have you ever wondered what’s on TV during the week? Of course you have, at least once or twice. To find out what’s on TV you have to usually flip…

  6. Why TV Comedies Help Make the Medicine Go Down.


    Television can be both entertaining and educational, depending on what you watch. Though, sometimes, watching TV can be only about getting away from your life and into another’s, if only…

  7. The State of Television 2011 (Graphic).


    What do you think about the quality of cable television lately? Do you think there are more good shows on TV now than ever before? Or are you the type…

  8. TV Viewership is Down, but Why?


    Shows today aren’t getting as much attention as the shows of yesteryear. First reported by New York Magazine, some of the hit shows of the 2011 TV season (including “New…

  9. SpongeBob Impairs Children’s Thinking? Think Again.


    The L.A. Times has some very interesting things to say about the show “SpongeBob Squarepants impairing little kids’ thinking.” Amongst some of the points the Times article hits on is…

  10. What Happens When Fictional TV Mixes with Reality?


    It’s no secret: TV shows can become consuming, especially when cliffhangers are involved. But sometimes there’s more to watching cable TV than just being into a show for an hour…