Articles tagged "tv show"

  1. Your Favorite Shows Almost Had These MAJOR Changes

    Treva Bowdoin

    Before making it to TV, a few of your favorite comedies underwent some changes. If they hadn’t, who knows if some of these popular shows would have survived their first…

  2. “Warehouse 13″ Stars Talk Babies and Learning Spanish in Final Episodes

    Diana Price

    As cult TV favorite “Warehouse 13” winds down its final episodes, stars Eddie McClintock, Joanne Kelly and Executive Producer Jack Kenny dished on what to expect in the final season,…

  3. One of These ‘Simpsons’ Characters Will Die Soon

    Emiah Gardner

    A major Simpsons character will soon be 6 feet deep in the Springfield cemetery. The shows executive producer, Al Jean has confirmed to The Hollywood Reporter, saying, “we are doing…

  4. The Walking Dead’s Robert Kirkman Gives an Exclusive Tour of The Set WATCH

    Emiah Gardner

    Robert Kirkman The Walking Dead

    Executive producer, Robert Kirkman gives fans an exclusive walk around the set of The Walking Dead. Displaying all of the props as we walks around the infamous prison, this walk…

  5. “Bunheads” Says Goodbye With One Great Farewell Dance WATCH

    Emiah Gardner

    Bunheads Final Dance

    When Gilmore Girls creator, Amy Sherman-Palladino, brought her latest ABC Family endeavor Bunheads to life, it was nearly impossible not to get hooked. Her fast-talking ballerina dramedy brought back all…

  6. Rich Kids of Instagram Might Just Be Your New Guilty Pleasure

    Jae Curtis

    Someone pour the Perrier and set out the caviar—if looking through the Rich Kids of Instagram blog is one of your guilty pleasures, you’ll now be able to experience it…

  7. Vanessa Ferlito Talks Her Character, Charlie on Graceland and Addiction


    Charlie Graceland

    Something special happened to Vanessa Ferlito when she walked onto the set of her current hit show, Graceland. The actress has had roles on popular series including 24 and CSI:…

  8. How Cote de Pablo’s NCIS Departure Will Affect Gibbs and His Team

    Kimberly Ripley

    The Cote de Pablo NCIS departure is certain to make a huge difference on the hit CBS show, at least during the first few episodes after she leaves. In addition…