Articles tagged "TV reviews"

  1. Will Mr. Selfridge Officially Make Masterpiece Theater Cool?


    Downton Abbey could have been a fluke. But Mr. Selfridge, the immediate followup, hints at a pattern. Masterpiece Theater is giving us original programming with quick pacing, great costumes, and…

  2. The Walking Dead Find a Sorrowful Life – Review and Collage

    Emiah Gardner

    Right out of the gate you should know this is a Michael Rooker episode. He’s the gifted actor who plays Merle Dixon, the angry, ex-military member of Rick’s group and…

  3. The Walking Dead Find Some Prey and The Governor Gets A Portrait Collage

    Emiah Gardner

    The Walking Dead Find Some Prey The episode begins with Michonne and Andrea camped out in the woods with a couple of zombies chained to a tree. Now, that’s just…

  4. The Walking Dead Review: Harlem Shake Edition

    Emiah Gardner

    Last nights episode of The Walking Dead – Harlem Shake Remix “Save the bullets for the real threat,” says Andrea. When it comes to living in the zombie apocalypse, there…

  5. The Girls Are Back In Town!

    Sarah Pike

    Our Favorite HBO Girls are Back With Better Acting Chops and Deeper Stories Remember last season, when Girls was all about, “I don’t even want a boyfriend,” and “my parents…

  6. Was Start-Ups:Silicon Valley All That Bad?

    Emiah Gardner

    Why did Start-Ups: Silicon Valley (SUSV) fail? The easy answer is because it wasn’t good. But, you may reply, awfulness hasn’t always stopped a TV series from succeeding: Fair enough….