Articles tagged "TV networks"

  1. Fox Sports 1 Launches Tomorrow – What to Expect from The New Mega Network

    Aaron Eldredge

    Life just got better for sports fans who have cable TV. The new mega-sports network, Fox Sports 1, will launch tomorrow, kicking things off with a matchup of big names…

  2. Premium TV Show Smackdown: HBO vs. Showtime

    Emiah Gardner

    HBO and Showtime reign as the top premium channels. Both networks have produced some of the most talked about original TV shows over the past 10 years and have shown…

  3. Does Switching Networks Spell The End for TV Shows?

    Aaron Eldredge

    They’re called Network Jumpers—shows that switch networks while still in syndication.  Why do TV shows switch networks? Does network jumping  usually spell the end for a show, or is there…