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Articles tagged "TV gadgets"

  1. Forget Consoles, Soon Your Video Games Will Come from Your Cable Box

    Dwayne Hogan

    The video game industry has remained pretty constant since the 1980s. The names of the big players may change periodically, but the business model hasn’t. Currently, Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft…

  2. App in Review: Can I Stream It?

    Emiah Gardner

    A Really Great App, Poorly Executed Even before I tested Can I Stream It?, its developer, Urban Pixels, won points from me for the app name. Sure, Can I Stream…

  3. The Big Picture: Valve’s Steam Box Brings PC Gaming To HDTVs

    Emiah Gardner

    Will 2013 be the year of the Steam Box? Depends on which end of the hype you’re on. According to one version, Valve is poised to launch its popular Steam…

  4. How DVRs are changing the way we watch TV.


    Created by Connect Your Home. Here’s an interesting look at how DVRs are changing the way we watch TV. Today, more than 45% of cable TV subscribers have DVRs and…