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  1. Norman Reedus Talks ‘Walking Dead’ Season 4 and Daryl Dixon’s Growth


    Norman Reedus Interview

    In an exclusive interview, Norman Reedus, star of AMC’s The Walking Dead, spoke about how his character Daryl Dixon has evolved from Season 1 to now and what fan’s could…

  2. Norman Reedus Says “The Fear is Back in Season 4″, Are You Ready?

    Aaron Eldredge

    Season four of The Walking Dead is right around the corner, which has many fans out there salivating in anticipation. Fan favorite, Norman Reedus recently spoke with Entertainment Weekly and…

  3. AMC Greenlights New ‘The Walking Dead’ Spinoff Titled – ‘Spread The Dead’

    Emiah Gardner

    Just one week after announcing a Breaking Bad spinoff, titled Better Call Saul, AMC has announced their plans to launch yet another “companion series” from their wildly successful series, The…

  4. The Seussing Dead: ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 3 Recap, Dr. Seuss Style

    Emiah Gardner

    Dr. Seuss The Walking Dead

    While you all wait with bated breath in anticipation for the Season 4 premier of The Walking Dead on October 4th, the team over at Cinefix has recently released a…

  5. The Walking Dead’s Robert Kirkman Gives an Exclusive Tour of The Set WATCH

    Emiah Gardner

    Robert Kirkman The Walking Dead

    Executive producer, Robert Kirkman gives fans an exclusive walk around the set of The Walking Dead. Displaying all of the props as we walks around the infamous prison, this walk…

  6. Michonne is in Danger – “The Walking Dead” Season 4 Preview

    Emiah Gardner

    The Walking Dead Michonne

    Michonne seems to just be getting cooler with time. With her Katana on her back, the season 4 trailer of The Walking Dead shows Michonne arriving to the prison on…

  7. The Walking Dead Deleted Scene – An Exclusive Look at Lori as a Zombie

    Emiah Gardner

    Think the hallucinations and non-existent phone calls Rick experienced after the death of his wife, Lori, during last seasons The Walking Dead were as bad as it could get? Think…

  8. Season 3 of The Walking Dead Wasn’t Supposed to End That Way

    Emiah Gardner

    Remember when we watched Milton (Dallas Roberts) turn into a walker and die during the Season 3 finale? The actor recently revealed that the final scenes between him and Andrea…

  9. We’re All Infected: Why Walking Dead Fans Are Ravenous


    The Walking Dead

    At first glance,The Walking Dead probably looks unwatchable, dumb, and needlessly gruesome — unless you’re one of the growing number of Walking Dead fans. In the wrong hands, zombie stories…

  10. The Walking Dead Find a Sorrowful Life – Review and Collage

    Emiah Gardner

    Right out of the gate you should know this is a Michael Rooker episode. He’s the gifted actor who plays Merle Dixon, the angry, ex-military member of Rick’s group and…