Articles tagged "The Walking Dead"

  1. Season 3 of The Walking Dead Wasn’t Supposed to End That Way

    Emiah Gardner

    Remember when we watched Milton (Dallas Roberts) turn into a walker and die during the Season 3 finale? The actor recently revealed that the final scenes between him and Andrea…

  2. We’re All Infected: Why Walking Dead Fans Are Ravenous


    The Walking Dead

    At first glance,The Walking Dead probably looks unwatchable, dumb, and needlessly gruesome — unless you’re one of the growing number of Walking Dead fans. In the wrong hands, zombie stories…

  3. The Walking Dead Find a Sorrowful Life – Review and Collage

    Emiah Gardner

    Right out of the gate you should know this is a Michael Rooker episode. He’s the gifted actor who plays Merle Dixon, the angry, ex-military member of Rick’s group and…

  4. The Walking Dead Find Some Prey and The Governor Gets A Portrait Collage

    Emiah Gardner

    The Walking Dead Find Some Prey The episode begins with Michonne and Andrea camped out in the woods with a couple of zombies chained to a tree. Now, that’s just…

  5. The Walking Dead Review: Harlem Shake Edition

    Emiah Gardner

    Last nights episode of The Walking Dead – Harlem Shake Remix “Save the bullets for the real threat,” says Andrea. When it comes to living in the zombie apocalypse, there…

  6. The Walking Dead Reappears Midseason: Review and Screenshot Collage

    Emiah Gardner

    Let’s clear up something right out of the gate. Why are we reviewing a mid-season episode of a series with only four episodes left in its third season? The answer…